Ripped Off Face Halloween Mask Appliance – How To

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Halloween makeup mask appliances. FX Faces LINK: Makeup Artist Liz Pisano Email: Thanx for watching! Now SUBSCRIBE!!! kh Halloween costume ideas and special effects, tricks 2009


lycan324 says:

the blue stuff stuff dries clear to make it the wounds look freash and wet
they show it in the end of the vid

Daft69Punk says:

2:42 srry i cudnt control it:3

AlphaFirefly says:

Well, then the dictionary lacked some “freashness” probably.

MegaRedfox101 says:

This isn’t really a “how to”. It’s more like a “Look at this and wish you could do it.” kind of thing.

lycan324 says:

nahhh i already did

AlphaFirefly says:


AlphaFirefly says:

And I suggest you read the whole dictionary before commenting.

AlphaFirefly says:

Is there nothing that works the same but looks red and fleshy? I mean why blue? So not to scare people? Come on its halloween! 😛

It looked awesome, then it got blue and really really bad.

ILiveToRemember says:

That blue crap just ruined the whole dame thing. How stupid. Very stuipid.

lycan324 says:

that gay ass blue shit dries clear to make it look freash and wet you should whatch the whole vid before commenting

realtv2011 says:

thats way sicker then any Halloween mask


god damnit morgan freeman!

MegaEasylistening says:

awesome job. Looks wicked~

Viktir666 says:

That blue stuff dries clear and wet looking, you should have watched the whole video.

spyr099 says:

the blue stuff looks like some alien was eating that part of the body

cestlavie1887 says:

the blue stuff is glue, it dries.

TheYomomma1029 says:

1 dollar

JuggaloLove4Life100 says:

dude this is amazing lol, i also loved the planet of the ape thing in the begging to haha,

2669Randy says:

don’t you people wait until the end of a video to comment on something like the “blue stuff” >.>

ILiveToRemember says:

When they put that gay ass blue shit all over his face like a facial, I left.

bigdave6633 says:

wooow look crazy real

JoshSupreme123 says:

yeah i would have to agree……nobody has neon blue shit inside of them!!!

hoolifart1 says:

Very well done.

firecracka123k says:

Oh my gosh! The ripped face was soo awesome!!!!!!!!!!

nickcool231 says:

how much does it cost ??? awesome

CrA1n4 says:

Oh wait this is Kinghuman videos? Oh, well heres your comment, later man have a nice day.

BrokenVialCreations says:

Where can i get the mask?

gfeart says:

oneadayporno(dot)com – free porn!

RCT2411 says:

Oh my! That’s so cool! I wanna make one now. TOOOO THE INTERNET!

snarfflover says:

I have a quick question for you…..Can you paint the mask before applying it ?
And than add any finishing touches to blend with the skin afterwards.
please and thanks!

Jaxxon10 says:

ohh i thought it was like radioactive stuff tht burned ur face lol

jgantner1 says:

blue stuff is epic

MrLastvagnar says:

With that face!… You´re gonna get laid!

jackimn2008 says:

i wish they had the Smiling Clown back i miss it

beano2009 says:

like this if you muted it like 30 seconds in..

lilyflowers35lol says:

The blue stuff dries clear & adds a glossy look so the bolld looks wet & fresh.

wweiscool11 says:

that looks real ~!!!!!

MrMiguu1 says:

Yes, i realised that when i stupidly posted before it had dried :/ end result was fantastic.

bogdanpaper says:

is the blue stuff satans jizz ?

KingHuman says:

The blue stuff dries clear & adds a glossy look so the bolld looks wet & fresh.