Monster Mash

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Animation of “Monster Mash” by Bobby “Boris” Picket — released by Ktel. Animation — Gary Ramey Software — Curious Labs Poser, DAZ Productions Mimic Pro, Sony Vegas, Pinnacle Studio, Sony Sound Forge Audio Studio, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Eovia Carrara, Sony DVD Architect, Canopus ProCoder Express Models —, Motion —,,


Thisguy1999 says:

me too 😀

jrm92jr says:

I love this song so much

MindinViolet says:

The Simpson’s actually (I Love Lisa, S4).

Calbinaters says:

Thumbs up if your ready for Halloween!!!!

payneo218 says:

what did i just watch 0.o

lollie dolby says:

omg what a weird vid ?!!?!?!?!?!?!?

NATNUTTY14 says:

God thats creepy!

Princess Nika says:

lol so fuuuuuuunny i love i

ThePlatinumSmooth says:

I thought Dracula was gonna flip me off at 2:05

TBosma93 says:

I picture this song is sung by Bane, it makes me chuckle:’)

Aaron Lesher says:


joeslickback says:

He wants a brain

he wants robot brain

another brain

let’s see if he feels pain

a brand new brain

it might might drive him insane

he wants a brain

he wants a robot brain

Warren Tompkins says:

Every Halloween party should play this song by law!

SpectreGray says:

came here after watching Cabin in the Woods

gikalila says:

This os awsome!

MMMIK13 says:

I actually came here from The Simpsons 😛

Psyzoid says:

Haha, right on.

EerieMuffin says:

I’am Dave! Yognaught!

Chloe Romero says:

Love this song! Can’t wait till Halloween!

demonelfavatar says:

I was playing the game M.A.S.H, and my friend mentioned monsters, and so we came to listen to montser mash:x lmao

David Partridge says:

The first time I REMEMBER hearing this was in 73′ or 74′ on my way to the cemetery to see my recently deceased grandfathers grave, I was all of 6 or 7 years old, and far from being scary, it was a fun thing for me

alexacdc1234 says:

LOL me to

tyler434652 says:

1:40 looks like a bunch of jenns from the game primal

MrJacobElias says:

nvm… i read the discription XD

MrJacobElias says:

is the dance at 00:30 the same that machinima used inn their skyrim gaming poop videos? XD
still wondering if this is an original video or if it’s imvu or somthing >_>

sauquoit13456 says:

On this day in 1973 {August 11th} Bobby “Boris” Pickett & the Crypt Kickers performed “Monster Mash” on the late Dick Clark’s American Bandstand…
Three months earlier on May 5th it entered Billboard’s Hot Top 100 chart; eventually it peaked at #10 and spent 20 weeks on the Top 100…
Originally charted on September 8th, 1962 and it peaked at #1 {for 2 weeks}…
Also charted in 1963 {reached #30} and in 1970 {peaked at #91}
Bobby Pickett died on 04-25-2007 at age 69
RIP Mr. Pickett & Mr. Clark