Halloween Makeup Tutorial 7: Bearded Bettie

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Hi guys! This is a quick fun circus/freakshow inspired look. I’ve always loved bearded ladies, I think they’re beautiful. It’s also great for a last minute costume idea. I guarantee you will turn heads… hehehe Hope you enjoy! Happiest of Halloweens to you! xoxo Angie Halloween playlist: www.youtube.com Link to Halloween Make-up Index on Facebook: www.facebook.com Link to How to Make a Mini Top Hat Tutorial: www.youtube.com Products: Raving Beauty Eyeshadows in Voyage and Carbon Raving Beauty found here: www.ravingbeautycosmetics.ecrater.com Mac eyeshadow Blanc Type Mac glitter in Jewelmarine (always use glitter at your own discretion) Flash lashes are the same ones I used in the Blind Mag tutorial Max Factor Panstick Foundation BlackUP blush BL01 NYX blush Taupe Avon Lipliner Wild Berry Revlon Matte Lipstick Really Red Flirt Lipgloss Fire and Spice Song: Netherworld Shanty By: Kevin Macleod of Incompetech


FoxyStealth says:

Wow, that is incredible! You’re good! Where do I get (skin safe) liquid latex??? PLS! THX!!!

sjsigur says:

Not only did I turn head but I won best female costume!! Thank you again! 🙂

LilyL33t says:

I am trying to get the word out that Be A bombshell cosmetics is offering a coupon for $25 off $50 worth of product on their site. All you have to do is go to the redeem your coupon page and enter 25 off. You get 5 cosmetic products for $25 with free shipping in the US!

sjsigur says:

Omgosh… Damn you auto correct!!! I meant “as” not ass! Ughhhhh…. Lol

sjsigur says:

Well, I know whar I’m dressing ass for Hween! Q. Can you explain how you attached the goatee w/ the glue? Thank you!
BTW… You are a very stunning lady. 🙂

noxiousfetus says:

I love it!!! so simple and easy on the wallet!!!

ohmylourdes1 says:

This is odd to me, BUT you look great! looove the eye look in green! beautiful color!

ShallShaLilcookies says:

Lol love the last part where she said “someone please tell me im pretty”

TrickyTolles64 says:

YES!! A bearded Katy Perry!!!

TrickyTolles64 says:

Pretty hairy!! nyuk, nyuk, nyuk!! Seriously though…nice beard!!

TrickyTolles64 says:

You look great with a beard Angie!!! Nice job!! Very realistic!!!

the0nlybandever says:

Angie, you seriously the most original videos I’ve seen in so long. I’ve been watching tutorials online for about 3 years now and most the the subscriptions no longer are of interest to me. You on the other hand have amazing videos that always captivate me. Your technique is flawless and you’re videos are fake and annoying. I really appreciate that.

strangedailythings says:

Hi Angie, i have a question, I’m going to be a cat for the elf fantasy fair and i was just wondering if you could apply whiskers with the same technique as you did the beard, i was planning on using fishing wire. Would it stay? Would it work better with lash glue?

RealCatwomanForever says:

Without a doubt this is one of my favorite videos you’ve ever done ^_^ Your sense of humor always catches me off-guard, and you definitely had me snorting and laughing at several points in this video. I love it!!!

ohairas says:

What a hoot! I about died when you said luscious, lol!
So glad to have discovered you today~ lovin your vids.

punkonthis says:

Wow, awesome. Question for you Angie. Do you have any makeup ideas that would allow someone who wears glasses to still wear their glasses? I don’t wear contacts. I don’t really want to but because of that I feel my glasses are obstacle. 🙁

LisaFreemontStreet says:

Any time a gal w/ beautiful eyes dons a beard, I think of Oliver Reed. LOL

lrjava5 says:

OMG that is bloody brilliant. :-)

AbraSpiders says:

You need to make the facebook album public, cause I can’t see it! =)

Cool look though, you look smashing with a beard, love!

bigfootsneighbor2389 says:

You always crack me up. “Oops, got lip gloss in mah beard. It adds character though……” BWAHAHAH

caraarslan says:

I’m telling you: You’re pretty! :o)

emoface96 says:

I think you should be a porcelain doll.

cheapsexjack says:

they eye makeup was beautiful!

cheapsexjack says:

can you do a 1920s flapper halloween look? please?

goldiestarling says:

lol i’m hagrid’s sister… hagrietta! ; )

MakeupObsessor21 says:

hey angie, i hav a question….u r doing so many halloween makeup tutorials, i was wondering wat YOU wer gonna b 4 halloween?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

minimoonit25 says:


bluelove33 says:

Aw, you’re right. I kinda tried to make that point…I understand that it must be very hard to do these videos and as I said I really appreciate your effort. I apologize, I rewatched and saw your jovial side. I realized that you might just be a very focused person. I didn’t mean to offend.

DavidandTere says:

thats what she said

goldiestarling says:

Aww shucks.. thank you! I love seeing people wearing unique costumes for Halloween. It’s the perfect time to get creative. : )

goldiestarling says:

lol the beard did tickle a bit

goldiestarling says:


goldiestarling says:

haha i LOVE the shaytards!

goldiestarling says:

You know it is hard to film these mainly because I have to concentrate so much to get the result I want. I guess I’m pretty serious about the way I present myself. It could be read as apathetic but if it truly were would I put as much effort into my videos? If I had no interest in it wouldn’t the make-up reflect that?

AmyandTheCity says:

Looks like a beautiful female version of Shay Carl :D!



bluelove33 says:

So glad I found your videos! I really like your style and the creative things you do; however, you seems a little apathetic to do the videos. I feel bad saying that because it seems like it takes a lot of effort to do these videos, but you seem a little bugged! Maybe your affect and demeanor is just a little serious which doesn’t always match your creative side. Great videos…I will definately continue watching and appreciating, nonetheless.

SweetTorment says:

Amazing how much you look like Katey Perry with a beard in this one ^,^! Anyone agree?

nopseudosleft56 says:

lol!! love it!! 😀

fa6a says:

this look reminded me of theSPnation

mapaw722 says:

I love this!!! I am seriously thinking of doing this now!!

thepamperroom says:

This is fantastic- I love the eyes! For some reason, if you removed the beard, you look a little “I Dream Of Jeanie”-ish. Without the wig, the look could be Showgirl. So versatile, this look! You have such a dry sense of humor- thanks for sharing!

ImCool415 says:

I would be dying of laughter while doing this! AWESOME JOB!

hystericc says:

Great idea and look! Not many people would have the courage to make a tutorial for the bearded lady (in my opinion). Thanks for making creativity a priority !
= { D

Peteburnsmania says:

hey! what a beard! You look nice with curly black hair.

JanineKills says:

so CREATIVE!i would’ve never ever thought somebody would do this for a makeup tutorial or even a halloween costume,2 THUMBS UP GOLDIE!