Girls’s Costume Warehouse

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shadow67562 says:

forgot about sexy doctor

shadow67562 says:

i hope 4 score means a foursome. that will be so loud the nabbers will start to scream

Ellis01234567890 says:

On halloween…They mean the same thing.

Seriously when I was in school there were some girls who were I thought were really smart and clever and all that good stuff… My opinion of them soon changed on halloween.

zpektar says:

sexy jesus

pretzelsam says:

…and frog. Lol

DrChrispocalypse says:

not that its a bad thing.

CrimsonAce6 says:

why are you complaining…

Donzacuceron says:

Sexy 19th century steel conglomerate tycoon ?

ella7675warrior says:

…. and froog

ladyrainicornlove says:

sexy sexy

ladyrainicornlove says:

sexy 1900’s steel conglamoritory tycoon

bob123789456 says:

wow, such a mature response. if you have no problem with women dressing like sluts, then you clearly have no respect for them. they can be sexy and respectable, but when they dress slutty, they stop being women and become objects. so, either you have no respect for women, or ur just to immature to understand my point

RayRai8262 says:

either your a virgin, or angry, or just lonely.

aloneboyz999 says:

Yep lol

alpombre says:

Early video.

phantomfangurl says:

I find it funny how no one noticed that he puts two letter S’s in ‘ girls’s costume warehouse ‘.
And neither of them are the correct punctuation.

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marshandomness says:

and frog

SKGBoston says:

You never said women don’t need to be slutty to be sexy. What you said was ‘it’s funny how women on halloween confuse “sexy” with “slutty”‘ thus saying that women who wear skimpy clothing on Halloween are not sexy which I disagree with depending on the woman. Since I could not imagine a heterosexual man who was upset about seeing the female body I simply questioned the sexuality of the commenter, Mr. Bob123456789. There is no need to nerd rage. And you are most welcome for the breakdown.

bob123789456 says:

if you’re calling me homosexual for saying that women don’t need to be slutty to be sexy, when i clearly enjoy them being sexy as much as the next guy, then you’re clearly a typical douchebag “bro” that doesn’t have respect for women

SKGBoston says:

If you’re complaining, it’s a clear sign of homosexuality.

kiowastew says:


EvilRidingHood says:

I’m not complaining.

pointshoes3 says:

@DaimaalarmHali NDEYİM its offically august 14 and no fancy huminoid aliens are here

curarabottjen says:

it’s unique, beacouse it’s 

gyPamela915 says:

it’s hilarious.

peanutbutter0624 says:

Fapfapfap LMFAO .

nightvisiontaco says:

i read that wrong 😛

CaptainMan997 says:

Sexy Jesus…ROFLMAO

ymHope257 says:


SupaNova191 says:

Weird i dont see anything at :40

yanzdalcarney says:


JustYourAvrageBro says:

Aaaand frog.

DeeM10123 says:

This guy should be arrested for having that many girls costumes and being that out of shape o.o