Girlie Mermaid: Halloween Hair & Makeup Tutorial

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JessieTease says:

@iamMRSjb1994 Ha you would be suspended by the name you ain about that life “Orgasm Blush Lipstick, concealer,Oh you fancy huh?”-Drake (:

JessieTease says:

Worlds boringest mermaid guys go watch traci’s tutorial

jessicatheginger says:

1 you already have perfect skin!
2 Your make up is the best quality (I can’t afford it)
3 You’re SO PRETTY!
4 I’m using this for both a flash mob and Halloween, thanks for the best make up tutorial for a mermaid costume that doesn’t look like a huge crazy fish!

koolie067 says:

“noyax” lol– thats a new one! I dont blame u though, its really confusing! its actually said like its spelled: “N.Y.X” nice vid 🙂

sophia evans says:

love the hedband

PrincessC50 says:

1. Spread your hand over your heart.
2. Say “I want the power of hydro and auro kinases, please do not fail me, I want the power and tail. (cut off tail if you don’t want it)”
3. Post on 3 other videos

futbolonly says:

are those crown brush your using?

hugsdead says:

Where did you get the jewelry essentials? 🙂
It’s for my girlfriend :p

livelovelaugh624 says:

@CiaraJune11 nooo she says hey hey ! u skipped a hey …..

livelovelaugh624 says:

@rachhloves (more continued lol) the party is this friday the 20th please make it before then if u cnt its fine bbut thanks no matter whtt !<3

livelovelaugh624 says:

@rachhloves (continued) in spring when its her half birthday. so me my bff and the half bday bday girl r gonna be mermaids we’re using ur makeup tutorial, a fishtail hair, but we have no idea for clothes. pleassseeee just make a vid on some ideas on an outfit tht u can dance walk or run around in(by tht i mean not actually the tail) please make this vid thankss !<33:)

livelovelaugh624 says:

@rachhloves i kno tht its not anywhere neer halloween but can you do a mermaid outfit tutorial. it may sounde completely stupid but my friends hving this party where everyone has to dress up as someone as if it were halloween.

Angel Sigmon says:

1. Spread your hand over your heart.
2. Say “I want the power of hydro and auro kinases, please do not fail me, I want the power and tail. (cut off tail if you don’t want it)”
3. Post on 3 other videos

KellyisonfireXD says:

You look like a normal person with a starfish on your head :/

Ronnithecheerleader says:

Hey there if your doing this lovely make up and hair then why have not matching nails too!! Come watch my Little Mermaid nail tutorial and comment and subscribe! =)



kalalynnwoods says:

if your offended, you need to learn to take things less serious.. she means all girls are pretty, she’s not just talking to “pretty girls”

xshietTAY says:

I think shes reffering to everyones pretty..

BarbosaJosh says:


anaswickedmusic says:

yeah!! I replayed that part because I thought that I read it wrong!! lol

iamMRSjb1994 says:

did anyone notice that the blush was called orgasm ?  hahhaah

pnm2472 says:

I love love love the hair! Im so doing that tomorrow!

ZebrasLoveMusicToo says:

thats a LOT of makeup ( primer, and what not )

beneathyourlove says:

I hope not! Maybe its made out of clay or something!

Btw, I love your username!

hippiedippietrippy says:

love your nail poish haha. did u use a matte top coat?

chewy2chong says:

sucks!! shame for mermaids

EnvisionedBeauty says:

beautiful look, plz check out my makeup tutorials

LivLovesHarryPotter says:

that starfish didnt die to b on ur hair :(

music4realpeople says:

you look so beautiful! can you please do a vampire tutorial? where are you from

Pegatronus12 says:

OMG , i have been looking for how to make a sea shell barette for days , thank you!!!!

sweetwatermelon12 says:

had to subscribe <3

alice2063 says:

did you see the name of the blush? orgasm xD

royaltycharm says: