Ellen’s Facebook Friends’ Costume Ideas

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Ellen asked her Facebook friends for some ideas about what she could dress up as for Halloween. She featured some of their responses on the show… check ’em out here.


CarlosEduardoGomezTV says:


Samira Ali says:

Someone swallowed a dictionary…

nellie2581 says:

Funny ideas

petieawesome1 says:

I love the time she did snooki’s poof

kissesandcrap says:

my dad used 2 use that costume every year for halloween or so ive been told and he wants me to carry on the tradition -_-

csricket says:

Toaster!! U MUST be a toaster!!
Lol I swear my face almost exploded!

k8prince says:

Thumbs up if you DO know what argyle means!

Maddie Payne says:

be a kitten there cute just like ellen

iCarly422 says:

its a type of pattern

TheGamer3545 says:


ilyaiaiwymm says:

Translation:  A reeeeeeeeally ugly sock

ilyaiaiwymm says:

No, sorry. I wore it to a party, and realised when I got there that my camera was out of battery.

Cynicaldye says:


Ambra911 says:

I hate listening to the shore!

Nikkib700 says:

At 0:13!!! Ellen’s icon is with Taylor Swift!!! When they did a commercial for Wonderstruck 🙂 I love Taylor and Ellen!!!

ilyaiaiwymm says:

I went as Black Swan

HPManiac123 says:

During the Bill, Gaga, Pumpkin one, I was hoping she would say :”One doesn’t match the others”

baniazarah says:

-__- Really?

mh22551 says:

be sophia grace

CarlosEduardoGomezTV says:

a pattern composed of diamonds of various colours on a plain background, used in knitted garments such as sweaters and socks.

annabeth56 says:

“A toaster! You MUST be a toaster!” XD lmao

CroHerze1 says:

In 2011 She has a 2milion People who like her on Facebook , now 2012 7,3 milion !

tvceleb415 says:

my sister was gonna go as a blueberry…

dat1guyuhate says:

you should be justin bieber

michelle puentes says:

be dora! :D

Karideplov says:

Dory….from Finding Nemo. Ellen was the voice of Dory

paigerocks64 says:

who is dory do u mean dora

shirra101 says:

her wife……..

saphira41999 says:

@carnivorousrock omg! im so being that for halloween!

louxx12 says:

i lost it at argyle sock and died with “what about a cantaloupe?”

MrSecretPokemon says:

Tony’s Laugh <3

DdScarySoCool says:

I cant belive what I found out just no about her

kanarami says:

you should be Sophia Grace

BieberFan147 says:


Westiepup101 says:

who’s that? 😕

carnivorousrock says:

Wear all black and put a giant stamp on your shirt. You’ll be blackmail : )

DaniDaniDanial says:

cantaloupe LOL*

DaniDaniDanial says:

cantalope LOL

purple1568 says:

Two Halloweens ago I was a red crayon.

purple1568 says:

How funny would it be if you were an argyle sock?

Yakumei says:

hahaha lady gaga 🙂

heidilee1129 says:

I love Ellen’s hair!

shirlz8 says:

You should be tony!!!

Sanilicious1 says:

She should be Beyonce’s stomach!! that would be awesome….