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Hey guys! Be something different this year for halloween. Object costumes are sooo in. Guarantee that you will be standing out this halloween! Go win some costume contests and give us some comments and video responses on how it went 🙂 Link for font: Enjoy your halloween as a hi-liter 🙂 Don’t forget to subscribe lots of ‘how to’ / fun videos coming soon 🙂 Deuces, Kelsey and Becky UPDATE: heres how to make the cap


RidicuoslyRoula says:

im totally gonna be this thx

Desermatay says:

lolz i might do this with my bud XD we r such dorks but shes doing neon green and imma do blue or yellow… or pink or… *twenty minutes later* or purple or… uhh actually i might just do blue XD

SuperGleekFromNY says:


teresafan1 says:

Making this for Halloween

JennIsIt says:

I thought it said hitler hahahah

123lucky2001 says:

ok Thanks you guys have amazing ideas!!!:) I was also wondering if you guys could subcribe to me??

TheSorryGirls says:

check out our 20+ last minute halloween costume ideas video! And stay tuned for LOTS of Halloween stuff coming October.

keshawooah says:

i need a costume for a 11 yr old girl???
i just want to use my clothes from my closet

TheSorryGirls says:

American Apparel sells pantyhose in a variety of neon colours. You might also be able to find some in costume supply shops

123lucky2001 says:

me and m y friend are going to try this but wew were wondering wear did you find the pants/????

Sandra Correa says:

Seriously, a highlighter? Worst. Costume. Ever.

iluvmesoomuch1 says:

your just a neon thing 😀

bearandmandy101 says:

Im so going to do this with my nieces but more kid frendly lol ty

daddyloks13 says:

You two are so sexy in them pantyhose

laurNsG says:

You could just use a tube top

Pariss Willz says:


TheSorryGirls says:

so glad you tried it! we definitely think you should have won though 🙂

txcarnahans says:

I tried this costume I even entered my school contest but I lost to the face book costume even though I got lots of compliments so thx.

bunnypower9 says:

me and my friends were crayons for halloween 2 years ago!

Mackenna Duncan says:

I thought it said “Hitler Coustume”.

BaconSquishy says:

Lmao me too

TheSorryGirls says:

you’ll be here awhile.

DoubleAgent282 says:

I was waiting for someone to take their clothes off….

punklove3456 says:

I tryed this last year and I WON!!!!!!!!!! THXZ SOOOOO MUCH!!!!<3

3eckyLynne says:

haha me too! this is much more sexy though 🙂

ImBringinUglyBack says:

I thought it said hitler costume…..

ShawtyLaDuh says:

Where did you get the fabric?

TheSorryGirls says:

really, whatever you can find in a neon colour will decide the type of fabric. spandex worked well for us.

TheSorryGirls says:

hopefully you can get someone to help you, and pin the letters on while you are wearing it. Even better is to add a couple stitches and sew it on while you are wearing it. We just say to do this because if you choose a stretchy material it will look different when you put it on if you sewed/pinned on the letters while it was off of you. Hope this helps.

puppypawspaula says:

Thanks 🙂 you too 

TheSorryGirls says:

If I recall the fabric was $15ish, hedband $1, bristolboard for hat $1 and tights $20. So its only $17 without the tights… 🙂 Goodluck and happy halloweening!

TheSorryGirls says:

Hey surprisingly I haven gotten that before. I don’t see it but thanks :p !

puppypawspaula says:

How much does it cost
to make

ShawtyLaDuh says:

Kelsi’s face reminds me of Taylor Swift. (: