Closet Halloween Costumes

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Halloween is right around the corner so we decided to share a few costumes we came up with from things we had in our own closets. See what you can dig up in your closet to make a fun Halloween costume. Hope you all enjoy and get tons on inspiration! XOXO Steph & Melissa MUSIC UNDER A CREATIVE COMMONS LICENSE “Unrelated Rocks” by Olove


erintahdahhhh says:

this is one of my alltime favorite videos from you guys! please do a halloween tutorial this year!!

Isis Chapman says:

where did you get the eye necklace??

Lalaabby1 says:

what is her tumblr ? , follow me ill follow back. Lalaabby1

ElectricRoses85 says:

The masqarade one was breath taking! I L O V E D it!

Emily Potter says:

I liked the Wednesday Addams look the best

DavidJMcCarthy says:


DennisDarlingDagger says:

WHEN I HEARD YOU SAY GENTLEWHISPERING I WAS LIKE : OMG OMG OMG 😀 yayayay i literally said all that hahah

jennramos11 says:

omg, you listennto gentlewhisprring and your style is amazing ahhhhhh i love you

TaekoBored says:

Those were REALLY creative! Love them 🙂

candycanekid99 says:

I love the last costume!! (:

coolguy852 says:

That clown was scary! lol 

greenpaprika7 says:


tigertbalm says:

Clown costume could use something for the head. A colorful hat or even just mismatched ribbons would work,

loliviaify says:


magdalulu says:

You guys are so inspiring!

lrob932 says:

I freaking love that gold snake belt from Melissa’s Grecian goddess look :):):):) !!!!

Glitterluver10 says:

I  it!

HeyitsRayKalani says:

Love the costume Ideas! I was wondering where you got your creepers from? And for how much were they?

RedStrawberriez says:

You should dp more

MrWellowFlamingo says:

haha random cat at 1:10
love u steph & mel =] <3

stunnagurl127 says:

where’d you get your creepers?

masterfulmeow says:

just the fat orange cat…

masterfulmeow says: