Behind the Scenes – Making A Monster Costume

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A small behind the scenes with Kris and Eric who have made the costume for our monster played by Trevor Ray! Don’t Forget to Follow Us: You can follow Sailor Moon the Movie on Facebook: Twitter: Tumblr:


TheAllanimefan says:

i just saw luna on the bottom left corner…. Luna did you go into the dryer with the costumes?

Hieifireshadow says:

Eric said fierce. I am happy.

jorytory says:

OMG I love the (even though it has nothing to do with Sailor Moon) Little Mermaid poster behind you XD

Nightman221k says:

I think that having the monsters actually hurt people as opposed to just sucking their energy definitely adds a sense of urgency to the fights and makes them more of a threat.

moonlightkisu says:

Nice sailormoon purse. :]

mistaria says:

Kodansha is publishing it (Sailor V)! It’s in two volumes and the first volume is out now while the second will be out next month!

NintendoHighSchool says:

if themovie spawns a live action series i think Eric should play Nephlite. And do the moan from the bloopers

HanonGuurl527 says:

:O Where the fuck did you get your hands on the Sailor V manga?

Fuzzlekinz says:

Cold pizza is the breakfast of champions.

nina12345678917 says:

I laughed so hard when he was like “I hope there is no poison ivey” 

extraordinaryroyalty says:

ok i love the name of the fake blood lol it’s so generic “bottle of blood”

ventuerklok says:

nom nom’s for eric!

iLiKeCeReAl2 says:

@TheSailorMoonMovie cold pizza’s where it’s at!

deedee21deedee says:

cant freeking wait.

jack046984 says:

I use Army Painter as well for my painting. It’s great how the team are using such simple techniques to get amazing results. Can’t wait to see the finished moster.

Beccapige says:

Do you have a Rini/Chibiusa 🙂

darktetsuya says:

3:36 where *did* you get that epic SM lunch bag? do want!

And still totally stoked for this thing after each update. =|8D

spiritkitten says:

where did you get the bottle of blood from?

DaisyExodus says:

I’m watching this and picturing a Left 4 Dead infected. lol Is that the look you guys are going for? Sorta like a zombie type thing?

EnvirusFlame says:


twilightwindwaker says:

What anime had a clown in it?

twilightwindwaker says:

I will be rubbing the shit out of it in the dirt and throwing fake blood on it. I should of used that blood for my Ghoul Tsukune outfit. Instead all I have was spray on blood which wasn’t as thick. Dead person hand print. Is there a Sailor moon device plugged in your computer? It can take my videos hours to render even though they aren’t an hour long.

CuteWallflowergirl says:

you have to remember it’s there own version “based” on sailor moon. it’s not exact so don’t expect certain “small” details from them. plus the reason Trevor is the monster cause he does amazing acrobats. did you see the vid of him flipping through the air. more then once. in crazy ways. he’s AMAZING!

CuteWallflowergirl says:

my tablet, pen, hard-drive, camera, ME! LOL that was so adorable. XD

TheCuteChongAlt says:

OMG ZOMBIE clothes! EPIC!!!! 😀 I LOOOOOOOVE the camera guys!

SuperSentaiFan96 says:

OMG! U have Sailor V manga!

nuttynatty320 says:

omg I saw The Little Mermaid on Broadway, too!!

Tallythehedgehog says:

I was completely distracted by that fluffly dog. Do I have a short attention span? Why ye- ooh shiny!

fcisnero88 says:

um not sure this is a sailor moon monster… they are usually women. Why not make an EVIL CLOWN? I saw plenty of those in the anime…

Toshisan says:

i love the costume for the evil monster guy thing dude, but… is that hard cover sailor moon manga?

itadakimasu101 says:

Oh! U know what I just paused it and it said 60D (not 500D) lol

itadakimasu101 says:

I’m pretty sure it’s a Canon EOS 500D…those camaras are ballin’ and I’ve been trying really hard to get me one, but I can’t just drop $700 on a camera like that willy nilly… ):

AngelaCheerOfGaia says:


marknalex says:

What kind of camera are you using to film the movie? 🙂

NanaOnix23 says:

ahahah awesome!!! good job!!!!!! ^^

LadyDynamitez says:


Bluerise21 says:

thats a cool way to make a costume 😀

FoxxyDerp says:

Woo first!