Last Minute Halloween Costumes!

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Everyone’s youtube link can be found here!! Click to see more. Justin Bieber / Joy: Meghan Tonjes / Hartz: Trick-or-Treating Liability / Dan: Carrie / Angie: Kim Kardashian (perfect timing) / Fran: Yellow Fever / Ken: Beyonce / Judy: Cat / Brooke: White Trash / Nick: Salad Tosser / Maddox: Lil Kim / Lauren: Here’s my costume idea… If you’re a male, hold a potato by your crotch and go as a Dictator. 🙂 Have fun!!!


ThatNerdyKid8002 says:

Judy! Its funny because she actually prego this time! 🙂

freezefire1220 says:

Carrie was the only good one! lol

winditup78 says:

Hahhaahhahha white trash!!!

juliedrill says:

Oh god that first girl… I’m laughing so hard!

MusicSpaztastic says:

Kinda irrelivant, but did your nose peircing hurt? It looks amazing on you and I’ve been thinking about getting a nose ring, but I’m awful with pain.. :3

obalimy1 says:

You look so so so handsome here!!! aww:)

musicangeldog13 says:

MERROWW! I laughed soo hard at the cat one!

meowfaced says:

1.45 – snooki?

xbellabrittanyx says:

way to keep it classy!

CristalinDaff says:

This is my Kardashian face aahahahahahahahahah awesome girl

FutureDancer18 says:

K.I.M more like Lauren!!!

ambitay says:

deff the queen shes been wit biggie has mad respect quit hating boo

ambitay says:

Tweetyzmama is too funny u must be high! Lmao nicki sucks major drake dick

s1monhuang says:

i LIVE for the lil’ kim costume.

Kadi Carter says:

Lauren <3

tweetyzmama says:

Lil’ Kim Ain’t The Queen Of Rap…. #ImJustSayin’!

certifiedamazingx3 says:


MadGamble1 says:


emoXmoobi says:

Carry :D

airahmorena08 says:

OMG lauren cracks me up.. the blowing hair! omg!

samoanlovah1 says:

white trash! that cracked me up

samoanlovah1 says:

white trash! that cracked me up

labbitandstache says:

Salad tossed was funny

spike2080768 says:

i went as fast hello kitty

spike2080768 says:

last one was hilarious

myJulianna123 says:

The last one was scary

SupaDupaUpa says:

.. i’m definitely being white trash this year…

olivia haueter says:

my friend went as bloody alice or bloody alice in wonder land

wendyWERKKZ says:

omg! QOB’s little kim costume. 

BlackP3NTAG0N says:

i think you are one of the most Beautifull people

abbys2000 says:


hollisterbaaby978 says:

Beats by dr.dre!

nwyrsbaby says:

josh why dont u go on rupaul’s drag race? u know u’d win 😉

audreyhrpr says:

I -3 white trash 😀

MrBowlingstar1 says:

jou are sucks

rockinrocker08 says:

lol i thought the salad tosser was supposed to be tyra banks

xxxSamanthaSaurusHex says:

lol white trash xD

XoMeryXo says:

What the fuck ? :p

RasberryBuns says:

oh judy ;’)

Lots0fLollies says:


floronicman says:

The notorious K-I-M….*puff*

playgurl4dayear says:

i love chescaleigh !

Honeydew7396 says:

Are you trying to be ironic?