Kids’ Halloween Costumes

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Ellen has some trick or treaters! A group of adorable kids dropped by to collect some candy, and Ellen couldn’t resist helping them with their costumes. If you’ve seen a hilarious Halloween costume, send it to us right here!


oliviayc12345 says:

I laughed so much when the money ball walked well more like waddled in Lol

youmadbro991000 says:

the book lol

misteridiot123 says:

uggghhh i want ellen to give me stuff >:I hahaha

monica367 says:

This costumes are so hilarious and awesome!

chinacat9100 says:

lol! the noises the kid made when Andy was rolling him and the way he stood back up! CUTE!

chinacat9100 says:


Harry Crawford says:

yea me 2

baseballbrook says:

Wish I was there

WatchAndMake99 says:

Lol. XD
I love the Prince of Whales (funny, since Ellen played Dory when she did the Whale call in Finding Nemo).
The money ball was so cute!

penguinsliketosmile says:

the adults seem more excited than the children

Alexis Phillips says:

Oh lol, I thought I was the only one. It’s so weird though.

Sunny9222 says:

I’m judging from your comment that you must be a model?

sniperclanleader says:

no i got it too

vivianyazmine1 says:

The angry bird kid is so ugly

Alexis Phillips says:

Am I the only one who gets an advertisment AFTER the video is done?

selenagomezlover1ify says:

The money ball was very funny when he got rolled i have always wanted to do that 🙂

SpiceyApplesRtheBEST says:

i like that money ball xD

byKrysten says:

at first i thought “why are they so excited to get a 3DS?”
well, they’re going to give it to their children/grandchildren!

iRainbowlover says:

(person geting 3ds in audience) OMG IM 50 AND GETING A 3DS HECK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lelicheri says:

it’s so funny how most of the elder women in the audience are soo happy to get 3Ds
when they don’t even know how to use there own phones -_-” lol

sydswagg says:

poor kid should have been brad pitt

wanglisa72 says:

I laughed my pants off!! When Andy was rolling the boy!!^^

RandomBeauty12 says:

I died of laughter when Andy was rolling that little boy! HAHAHA XD

AbigailMotz123 says:

they look like wings

ReynnaThatsMyName says:

Money Ball <3

KarissaT2000 says:

LoL my friend actually helped her little brother dress up as a money ball and she rolled him down the block to go trick or treating

Anna Nation says:

They were soooooo cute!! Kate Middleton and The Prince of Whales!!!

DChristinaz123 says:


MissCyprus100 says:

i thought the second girl was amy :p

yenspandas says:

i thought he was going to be prince whalelington

v2xProduction says:

Haha money ball is gonna get robbed

anthony borrasso says:

Money ball was the best

EmilyLovesMusic00 says:

Those halfs are very important

shaibabi3grlx says:

so funny

layrauhl says:


layrauhl says:


FavouriteFan1 says:


HumanoidZimmer says:

So,I will dress up as a big yellow angry bird and get a free book!

ZestyQuackTV says:

The girl with the wing thingies – Close your legs -_-

XCookieKoolX says:

when they rolled him.. TOO MUCH LOOOL!!

TheKaylao2002 says:

Money ball

TheKaylao2002 says:

Ong so funny when Andy had to roll the money ba

flipidy14 says:

im a teenager….. what do i say?

lemonadepunx says:

thats the joke