Halloween: Alice In Wonderland Makeup Tutorial + Costume Advice

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For Halloween or Whenever. Tell me if you like it? Thanks for watching. xoxo blog: www.ladycookieluck.blogspot.com


kelly hecht says:

i was happy. because this year i am going to be alice for the 2010 version. and i can’t wait.

jackie myers says:

i like the fact that u made the video relaxed

ally lavallee says:

what the hell is that buzzing noise!

lovexcaexclg says:

it looks so much better with the extra on the bottom. cute :)

AifricDeSpann says:

You didn’t need to dye your hair, you should have just worn a wig.

YaZvezda123 says:

But nice tutorial

YaZvezda123 says:

What’s wrong with you at the end

Evan Hocker says:

i like the costume! i think the giant puffy sleeves have to go though. otherwise i love the length of the skirt.

nyliec says:

so you look like alice you are pretty funny and you seem to be a sweetheart <3 guess what I LOVED YOUR TUTORIAL!!!!

wendytahermosa says:

your eyes are gorgeous!

iSillybunny says:

Nice tutorial !! I loved it 😀

AngieGGangsterG says:

U look so much like her! 🙂

nickandmileyluvrs5 says:

omg you look soo precious!!! totally doing this this year 🙂

xxxlolligagxxx says:

I’m going to be alice in wonderland this year 🙂

CarlyOkkey says:

The tutorial was awesome! You’re really pretty! (:

amongLegends says:

The costume is so cute.

cocoshanell10 says:


pawprintzrule22 says:

thanks soo much

77bubblegumpink says:

u could wear black legggings

msoliva says:

wow, you got really nice bone structure 🙂
and I love the tutorial.

ChloeRainbow UnicornTanner says:

Your not supposed to pull on your eye…..thats what I do

phantomlover62992 says:

Thank you sooo much! I followed your directions and now I look great! Thanks! 

LexieTaye says:

You are THE BEST alice i’ve ever seen, because i wanted to be this for halloween. And it’s appropiate for my age as well. 🙂 <3 it!

poodlegirl4848 says:

This video was amusing, in a great way! I’m going to be Alice for Halloween this year, you gave me some great ideas, thanks for the video!

cutezonbie123 says:

Alice isnt a little girl

angelofmusic1989 says:

I LOVE e.l.f!

Great job!

MiniMusicQueen says:

you have a very nice natural lip color 🙂

3996Cat says:

WOW u look alot like alice…. prettiful

elopez411 says:

loved it i think your the only person that can make me laugh through make up tutorials thanks alot 😀

madigirly114 says:

omg loved it

allyshaa13 says:

Great tutorial. You made me laugh my ass off.

ClaudiaPRA says:

you look very pretty :)

Foxilon says:

oh my god you make me laugh so hard!

pinkpiggy888 says:

haha i have that costume but it doesnt have the white bit added to the bottom.. my bum literally sticks out so have to wear shorts with it! wish i had thought to add material.. too late now :L

coppu38 says:

U look like Alice! And you’re so beautiful gonna use for my costume party

Cheerdeb1 says:

You are just too cute! Great video! I am going to Disney world for Halloween and was going to wear my Alice costume had the same issue of way too short going to use your idea and add to the bottom! thank you!!

duckyducky98 says:

this is great and ur funny im subscribing to you! 😀 by theway were do you buy the white eyeliner?

duckyducky98 says:

this is great and ur funny im subscribing to you! 😀

prettylittleliarsalg says:

what u talking bout u look soooo skinny!!!!

heeheeproductions2 says:

Elf is flippen awesome its cheap and it works too!

greer2625 says:

she is pretty not ugly bye the way

kittysrock91 says:

wait whats that stuff you put on your face its like cover girl? but what is it called?

PurplePinkLife says:

awesome video 🙂

TheLanaRamone says:

Beautiful, gonna use this for a costumeparty tonight :D

girlsjustwant2havfn says:

I think you’re also beautiful without make up. (:

JimbleInWonderland says:

What concealer & foundation did you use for your video?

LadyLuckTutorials says:

Didnt your Mother teach you “If you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all.”  You must not have watched Bambi yet…………………………….

TheLilaFairy says:

wow she is so not cool with out make up ew

mchemidlin says:

you really remind me of Reese Witherspoon!! part how she looks..part how she is in some movies.. haha ;D
this is beautiful by the way, love the makeup and costume.