Best Halloween Costume Ever!

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A couple months early but this is one of the coolest Halloween costumes I’ve seen. I hope they come out with a version to transform my date into Megan Fox.


robloxianfuntime says:

Epic movie bro.

MsStroker111 says:


ininin86 says:

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junocomm says:

Yeah, wrong mask though. That’s Optimus Prime, not Bumblebee. Still awesome though!

junocomm says:

WHAAT!!!? That’s cool!



ZeroGravityXXZ says:

Thats so cool!!!!

KnigOfTheFreeks115 says:

That wasAWSOME!!!!!!!

loveisallyouneedable says:

this is not the anthem, the real one is called dreamscape track 009- trance

loveisallyouneedable says:

this is not youtube’s national anthem, the real one is more annoying

Bella Rose says:

It’s not really a Halloween costume it’s ,ore of one of thse fursuit thingies.

ArchangelExile says:

Rofl at the painted Optimus mask.

chamaratase says:

holy shit that is soooo freaking awesome

DavidTerenceCooper says:

We’re you get it from?

Martin5Astafanos says:


twbnhc66 says:

Where can I get one like that and what does it cost?

Crimsonpaw2 says:

I saw one like that I think on America’s got talent but the wheels moved.

xbananamanx00 says:

Omg thts so cool!!

NicoleBieber50 says:

That was awesome

AnimeErukaFrog says:

whoa….that is all

jasonng04 says:


eaguirre124 says:

Me gusto mas qla pelii…

opticalantics67 says:

O my gosh that is soooo cool. My cuz likes it too