Spider Queen Black Widow Halloween Makeup

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This intense look is perfect for a scary Halloween costume! Watch the Black Widow nail art video: www.youtube.com Pictures and list of all products including my nailpolish can be found on my website: www.misschievous.tv Enter my contest! www.youtube.com Join me on Twitter! twitter.com Let’s chat on Facebook 🙂 www.facebook.com Facebook application: ‪apps.facebook.com Check out travel vlogs and more on my other channel: www.youtube.com Illamsqua Products are available online and at Sephora in the USA: www.illamasqua.com


Mario Brock says:


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Janiselly Romero says:

cool i would do that even if its not holloween

Bell6474 says:

uaaaau, very perfect !! very good congratulations!!

Диана Клопот says:

тона косметики и долго смывать

MissRuthless7 says:

Love this.

glitterforgirls says:

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ivlonful ivlon says:

Jadna kol’ko se natrackala,,kak će to poslije skinut ! I

nathanielwarren51 says:

Hi this is makayla I love your makeup tutorials and I will give you a sounds up I wonder where you got the idea from where did you get that idea I love the way you experience makeup and I also will love makeup tutorials even yours

alexis rosalie fann says:

i love it im gonna do it for my hollween makeup <3

ashleyespinal1861 says:

That’s awesome !

midnightlove11127 says:

oh my gosh your eyes are so pretty !!!!

Susan Griffin says:

aewsome ewcvghbgbhghyght

Aryannaheart says:


lovetomakevideos says:

Love it I’m going to be that for Halloween

Angela Johns says:


xixi123i says:

this is awesome

TheMissEeyore says:

Love that sparkley blue shadow! Gorgeous!

tatiana rodriguez says:

cute i love the spiders!

appleberry3d12 says:

she looks like Drew Barrymore

Logan Earhart says:

That is such a beautiful look! LUV IT!!!

ehuntshorse says:

spooky I like it my name is rosey im 12 and blind so my sister is writing this for me all im doing is hearing it

jordyn sobanski says:


Harleyislame says:

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shineelover04 says:

That is so pretty!!!!!!!!

NENA LINDA gonell says:

Those eye lashes are totally spider webs and the look kool but the spider look like if u had spiders climbing on ur face-_-

NENA LINDA gonell says:

Those eye lashes are totally spider webs and the look soo kool

Emma Doran says:

If I did that with the blush it would look like I got punched on both sides of my face T^T

XXMissPinkSparkleXX says:

OMG i cant believe how amazing this looks me and my friend are going to try it for halloween 😀

reemmz880 says:

OMG its looks soooo sexy on you!

Hannah little says:

omg so good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CalvinAnd AdamStudios says:

i love fart mart

MrYourbloodyvalentin says:

Not very black widow, black widow would be red and black.. But I love the spider look

jaqlynHan says:

To her faceomg

jaqlynHan says:

Spider glue

Catiya Sanke says:

What the fluck is your problem?

Gymnast Taylor says:

9:59 nice tounge piercing! Lol!

purplejoj says:

Why would you say that?

Fe1520 says:

Creeeppyy but awesome at the same time XD

burnin19975 says:

thats amazing like im spechless

Ana Adams says:

That was so cool

Leiann Javier says:

A.M.A.Z.I.N.G..! <--- that's what she are ^_^

Alisha Smith says:

:OO o m g how will you remove all this????

CrazyKommentarGirl says:

wow that is very crazy and perfect!!!

Lizzie M-G says:

Omg ur brilliant!!!!! 😀 cab you do more amazing stuff like this!!!! Plz 🙂

Alina popova says:

Your awesome

brokenbutterfly9000 says:

Omg that is so awesome. Wonderful job (:

jenny hartman says:

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