Makeup Tips for Vampire Halloween Costumes : Fangs for Sexy Vampire Halloween Makeup

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Learn how to put in fangs for sexy vampire Halloween costumes in this free adult Halloween costume video. Expert: Melissa Dacher & Susie Chhuor Bio: Melissa Dacher & Susie Chhuor are a Los Angeles based model and makeup artist team with experience in modeling & photo retouching. Susie’s Youtube makeup videos have received over 150000 views. Filmmaker: Geoffrey de Valois

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frankbruno521 says:

were do u get them

mzbeautiful185 says:

wts up with that fake head

61andover says:

it would stick to your tooth lol

handles1057 says:

Your voice is so warm…

19TashaMarie82 says:

All you haf to do is wiggle till it popps ou.

antonia10077 says:

How long till putty hardens

misscuppcake1 says:

You said makeup tutorial

louloulelle says:


unforbiddenlove0817 says:

thanks a lot i have the same one rite now…..gonna wear them to school toma and 4 trickin treaten…….thanks gurlzzzz

BlastOfAwesome says:

I have a few questions, a quick reply would be much appreciated 🙂
Can you take them on and off several times during the party as you please, or do you have to wear them all the time? will there be glue residue stuck on the teeth when you take them off? can you drink with them on?

kellzbellzinluv says:

can you reuse them ?

kellzbellzinluv says:

Are they reusable??

AlecinMD says:

Yes but can u talk with the fangs in ?

Foxynaruto2 says:

Can you wear them many times!? 😮

TheChensterrr says:

i have those kind of vampire teeth ^_^ 😀

hsmgeek4ever says:

EVERYONE!!! Use starburst. Just tried it. And yes…it really works!!!

TheYahoochick says:

wst if so have fangs like sum people teeth are fangs should u still pit on store bougjt fangs

Ackles4life says:

I think, especially if it’s just for Halloween… Scarecrow fangs are the best. Wearing mine right now haha^__^ The one’s that are rounded off, like natural teeth at the front, and come with the ceilent(sp?). Almost like, acrylic past, that completely dries AFTER you fit them to your teeth. It’s clear.

stripcook says:

i just used gum..fuk tha paste

2leon101 says:

weird i try these ones but fail but i like the ones tht have the wax which work pretty well but really doesnt matter sense i did fail at doing this lol

TheHellokittyz1 says:

wu cares if its a asian vampire certainly u dooo

DevotionsVisage says:

asian vampire????????

stormilove says:

Its called superglue.. The miracle glue! XDD

jennarocks2010 says:

oh ok thanx! =D

1000blahh says:

um you need to wait for hallowen 😀 good to walmart or a hallowen store 🙂

jennarocks2010 says:

where do you get them?

TheDedegirl says:

were can you get them

1000blahh says:

yes they are trust me i have a pair 🙂

edluver96 says:

no it was the puddt stupid ass

dendelionnum1 says:

that girl looks like a poor girl 🙁 got punched in the eye