Mad Scientist: Easy DIY Halloween Costume

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Close Gore doesn’t have to be difficult, and a creepy costumes doesn’t have to cost a lot. A few little accessories like a glow-stick and some protective goggles will definitely help play up your costume and let everyone know…. you’re a mad scientist!!!! Happy Halloween!


erikapaasa says:

In the Intro I was Scared when she said “Hi everybody .”

dalnurse says:

Young look like the mad scientist from Robot Chicken…really well done!!

thee1spleffy says:

gd point?? how do u get the glue off???

Themoserkan666 says:

Love it u have a lot of talent :]

squishysunshine123 says:

omg i luv it!!!!! i subscribed u!!

squishysunshine123 says:

oh my god this is soooo cool! thank you sooo much! this is really helpfull!thanks!

SupaGinja2 says:

05:57 – OMG what happened to feiona is shrek fucking burning her ?!?!?

newyorkglitter says:

That was really good!

audfaced says:

i like your face 😀 you are quire pretty and refreshing.

77ProfeChanel says:

I LUV It!!!! Great Creativity!! UR a Pretty Mad!

ohhsnapitzjade says:

omg this was crazyyy good! soo scary! lol

laurapinata says:

THIS IS SOOO COOL!! i’m a chem nerd so i loved this a lot! subbed!!

wendyg46 says:

Gr8 look!

aestheticglory says:

awesome.. creative look! yur halloween tuts are the best i’ve seen so far bc they’re easily recreated and effective!

1LeiaPrincess says:

This is so amazing , you are so creative!!!

1LeiaPrincess says:

hahahaha this is so amazing , you are such a creative person!!!

makeuptemptations says:

aagggh lol that’s awesome! good job!!

ambarahona3 says:

holly guacamole! this is great!!!!!!

naye820 says:

omg..i almost got a heart attack..very scary look :0

pinkflaminko1213 says:

love the glows stick idea…you are super creative, talented, and keep it cheap yay

InsideOutBlack says:


chillteddychill says:

thumbs up 4 intro!! 😀 hie everybody 😛

Mystikk89 says:

Aaaawwwwsome great job!!!!!

AiALiCiOUS says:

wow incredible

BeautyGlows says:

You did an amazing job on this and the glowstick idea was super creative to make it look like toxic potion , very very good job!!!

TobyMcfarland says:

You’re awesome!!  Love it! xo

SecretLovee says:

The intro was SOOO creepy. lol you are amazing!

maxscar18 says:

I can’t lie, I was afraid to watch this vid for a while, but I finally got up the nerve.

michikokawashi says:

this look is really awesome =D

cezan94 says:

Wow that’s amazing :o. & superoriginal!

ArtOfMakeup10 says:

Your one of my absolute favorite guru’s to watch do Halloween tutorials!!(: Keep up the great videos!

mintchococat says:


TGRAM7 says:

That is super creepy and awesome…great job!

amycannibal says:

thats super creepy *shivers*

xBeingNEONx says:

Ha, that is SO freaking cool! I am considering using this on halloween :).

leaveittoheather says:

Wow! I really like this. I doubt I’d ever do this look but you did it so easily. Costume makeup is deffinently my favorite. Also, you seem like such a sweet heart! :]

hol23ly says:

very cool and scary! :0)

TheFemmeFi says:


sweetpuppy120489 says:

Love love love it soooo much….hahahaha this is not that bad….not that super hard either….just that i need fave paint or something that can make my face a bit green

sweetpuppy120489 says:

wow u do look super MADD …hahahah

cdwaik says:

This is my everyday school look, very attractive 😛
But seriously this is amazing!

ADesertKitten says:

Wow awesome job!

cherryprincess11 says:

= haha

hairplay says:

where do you buy your cinema secrets makeup?