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Halloween Costume Ideas From Disguise Costumes We take a look at the following costumes : Brow Raisers Devil Mask Power Rangers Samurai Red Ranger Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 Bakugan Brawlers Dragonoid Web : www.thetoyspy.com Talk with us at FACEBOOK : www.facebook.com TWITTER : www.twitter.com Creative Commons Credits : Intro Music By Kevin MacLeod – incompetech.com


fate1128able says:


JbMr143 says:

lol hes dad got pwned by a kid XDD

thetoyspy says:

thanks for watching!

247Hotbox says:

thx 4 making the vidio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thetoyspy says:

:) Thanks!

EmilyTheJinxKitty says:

tthis is cute :3 a kid playing with his daddy :3

thetoyspy says:

🙂 I was thinking something a little more funny since I thought we were keeping up a funny back and forth because of all your FIRST posts. Contact me on the site.

ilovewinx2 says:

@thetoyspy so will ya buy it. It will support my channel

thetoyspy says:

🙂 You are a tough negotiator ilovewinx2.

ilovewinx2 says:

Actually it is made so all you have to do is buy it and wait for it to be shipped to me and you will get some new viewers and the video will not be posted until the spectra or abbey is received and I will not pay for the doll or shipping not trying to say in a mean tone I am just trying to help inform you 😉

ilovewinx2 says:

PLEASE PLEASE oh and if you do I will make a video telling people to check out your channel

ilovewinx2 says:

A spectra vondergeist or abbey bominable monster high doll please please

thetoyspy says:

Hah. Maybe. Let me give it some thought. What was it that you needed?

ilovewinx2 says:

Are you serious about the prize cause I need something by the way first