halloween costume ideas

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help guys! i have no idea. www.twitter.com/thedramaqueenx


karen81cha says:

Ur beautiful.

1412Birthday says:

I’m beyond birthday

hikupzz says:

i want your neckkless

FleetAdmiralDouglas says:

Hello, reader. If you started reading this, don’t stop or else. I hate people who post these kind of comments but…. Post this to 16 videos in 30 minutes and promise your self to never listen to these kind of comments or make one up. But this one is real. If you don’t post this, a boy with no head or legs will show up in ur room at midnight kill you. Everyone will forget u. start posting. the timer will start as soon as you finish reading this. yes I do hate these coments P.S. Happy Halloween

RumpelteazerCATS01 says:

i know i just like the idea i wasent trying to copy her or anything

justtcallmeX says:

thats what amvbob said in her video..

giannabelle1 says:

me and my friends are being elmo ,cookie monster and big bird

werewolf264 says:

you should go as a vampire elf with wings

RumpelteazerCATS01 says:

KILLER BEE literaly army boots gun and a cut little bee costume YAY! :D

breach112233 says:

I will be Canada for halloween

lalalaBones says:

She didn’t ask for anyone to look at her tits or make up.. Stop looking for faults you f*cking creep….. :O

Dantae08 says:

holloweengear.blogspot dot com

ltnjulie says:

I’m being the bad fairy (;

fantastic1cupcake says:

hahaha same!! i think its stupied to spend 50 dollors on a cheapie peice of fabric that you were one night! so im going to be a randome it thing

Mynameismadison07 says:

Wow your beautiful. No homo.

shelbshockey12 says:

Show girl

gleekk1998 says:

You should go as lady gaga xxx

screammeaganscream says:

just suck it you bitch
shes verry pretty and it seems like to me that YOUR the WHORE not her

xPiiNGUx says:

nice boobs

fanpirest says:

im being myself thats scary enough
LOL actually im being well im gonna do my makeup like im crying blood and im gonna buy and outfit from like “hot topic” or something.

metalmonkey88 says:

I am thinking the Jill Valentine thing is apropriate for and it wouldn’t be that hard I don’t think.

sweetladytex says:

Ada wong’s a good idea, too. It would be cute on you I think=)

haetherette says:

that’s actually a really good idea. i was thinking about being ada wong.

ITSmercedies says:

*actually PULL it off*

ITSmercedies says:

i’m attempting at being a masquerade ball girl sort of vintage-like,, you could try something like that if you can find a mask or make one and a fany dress you might be able to find some vintage jewelry in a thrift store,, you could be harajuku girlish like hardcore scene style realy colorful maybe wear cat ears with it,, haha maybe the quirky idea of one of those “geeky, nerdy” people who try to be gangster or actually putt it off,, you could probably google some ideas as well

sweetladytex says:

You should go as Jill Valentine from Resident Evil. You have her hair and the costume is pretty cheap to pick up without looking that way. That’s what I am this year…but you look like you would make a waaay better one!! =)

bmxblaster79 says:


STUFFx72 says:

I wanna be a zombie girl!!maybe……queen beauty has a youtube thing showing how to do it. just look her up,….she is kinda famous!!!

filthianity1985 says:

oh 1 year we did the whole alice in wonderland thing…so if u have friends that is always fun….or my next idea is go as a baby and just wear a diaper (the diaper is optional) ; )

haetherette says:


filthianity1985 says:

mmmm i wish i was that granny smith HOLLER!

Candy1611sucks says:

No one cares ;)

fireinhereyesxx says:

hahahahahahahaha i love you christina

haetherette says:

i know haha.. apparently she does that with a lot of people. i’m flattered i got to be one of the fabulous few who get her insults. feels good.

haetherette says:


narg says:

they’re nice…I’m just mad I didn’t get the chance first

haetherette says:


narg says:

I saw your tits on modelmayhem

Candy1611sucks says:

I thought so.

haetherette says:

sounds good

Candy1611sucks says:

Oh my god… like if I put on a ton of makeup, push my boobs up, pull my shirt down and twirl my hair would you guys drool over me and tell me I’m hot??? Gigglegiggle.

You could just go as yourself for Halloween and when someone asks you what you are supposed to be just tell them you’re a pathetically transparent attention whore. 🙂