Halloween 2011: Ideas For Men’s Costumes

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Halloween 2011: Ideas For Men’s Costumes – as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. For mens’ costumes, a good trend this year is the 60s and 70s. As you can see behind me here, we have several pimp costumes for guys – different sizes, different colors, different fabrics, many sizes and styles to choose from. Here I have a popular movie version of a 60s or 70s themed costume. Also available for accessorizing several pimp costumes or 60s and 70s outfits are the mustaches here which come in several different colors, styles to choose from, available at most costume stores like this. Here I have another huge trend for this Halloween season which is the morph suits which comes in about 10 or 12 different styles, different designs. Not sure why this one is so popular but, I guess you just have to have the right body, the right figure to fit into this since it is a skin-tight suit here. This one here is a green monster, the orange one here is the pumpkin creature. Many different sizes, styles to choose from when it comes to this morph suit. Also available in different colors – solid colors, different fabrics. I think this one will be a huge hit for this Halloween season. Here we have a newsworthy costume, which is Most Wanted, which is supposed to be Osama bin Laden. Here you can see he has a missile going through his head on the mask. This one comes with the jacket and the long gown underneath. This should be a very popular trending costume since it is a news item. Also this year was a Gaddafi mask which is a popular news item. Here we have another popular category which is definitely funny when it comes to guys’ costumes. Right here I have a Buzzed Light can, that is what it says on it. This costume will definitely be a huge hit at any bar or any Halloween party you should go to. They know exactly what you are when you walk in with this costume. Very simple, easy to get into, just one piece. That is all you have to do, is wear jeans or shorts under it and you are good to go. Over here, funny, which is a flasher costume, which is just a body suit with a trench coat which is definitely a huge hit at any party, any bar, any kind of function you are going to this Halloween season. Funny is definitely in when it comes to guys’ Halloween costumes for this Halloween season.