Facebook Fan Halloween Costume Ideas

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Ellen asked her Facebook fans for ideas on what to be for Halloween. Watch as she shares some of the funniest ideas on the show


JennyAndNina says:


LilVampiresLullaby13 says:

When people start to fake laugh, i start to real laugh.

lolsarahlol1000 says:

I’ve had this in my favorites for like forever and I watch this like every other day and cracks me up everytime hahahahahahahaha

misskoolgirl619 says:

ellen: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha..(turns serious) thank you for your suggestions..

janiedziekuje says:

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AngelMartina7 says:

Ellen’s laugh ftw. :)

SilverMushroomLady says:

Were you laughing super hard?

kongu600 says:

lol! just casually pull out the binoculars to look at the picture

Slisal says:

That fake laugh, can’t stop laughing!

Rich0chet says:

LOL Ellen laughing put me in tears :’D!!

CManniste says:

Crystal is easy to entertain, you should see me, when with you Ellen, i’d be laughing in 2 seconds. and my sister has that crazy friend that always makes me laugh just like my sister does. LMFAO

shoppinglegends says:

if you ever feel sad all you have to do is search the ellen show and just watch any video and your spirits will be immediately lifted 🙂

goldenwelcome says:

have leo howardon the show !!!!! , life if u agree !

TheTokiohotelgurl says:

Gotta go. the sea is calling me.

JillyHearts91 says:

YES! <3

deedeelee123456 says:

Ellen “Ahahahahahaha!!” lmao that’s hilarious :D

MrLibby321 says:

obviously fake laughing

Martiniliny says:

theres only 3

you4084 says:

o. o first ellen is calm, thencrazy then calm again XD it so strange 😀 😛

artsygall says:

My friends think I’m crazy when I watch her videos for literally hours, and then I say, “Have you ever watched her videos?” they usually say, “No.” Then I say, “When you do, you will laugh like you have never laughed before” 🙂

sierranellow says:

i love your laugh!!!

heartzheartzheartz says:


nazurawrr says:


darthkra says:

wtf man ???!

Heynah10 says:

yay i finallyy found this i’ve been looking for it for ages!!

glitterland18 says:

im laughing like crazy!!! and my sis is looking at me like an idiot

keleic says:

i think ellen should play a villain in something. she just has the best laugh. she should play like a parody of bellatrix or something lol it sounds like she could be really good at doing a crazy and evil laugh lol hope that didnt come off as insulting.

tettetessy94 says:

omg, l almost peed myself when she laughed! :LLL

HillariousMassiveJoy says:

LOLOLOLOLOLOL ellens laugh is how i laugh everytime I watch ellen

mandirawks says:

Now ShayCarl has over a million!

malyLLL says:

ELLEN!! You need to have SHAYCARL and his family on the show! He is a Youtuber that committed his 29th year of life to creating daily vlogs. On March 5, 2009, he started his video diary, and to this day, has made a video every day documenting his life. He has almost 970,000 subscribers and they have watched his family’s journey. Viewers were on board for the birth of a child, moving from state to state, and recently, Shay’s weightloss of 80lb. It is so incredible to watch the family grow.

dmortiz1221 says:

Was she really laughing?

TashaRessler says:

I laughed so much when she laughed lol

Kianaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa says:


balalayka1234 says:

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hnicholas32 says:

hahah ELLEN i was a bucket of popcorn for halloween a few years ago!!!! it looked exactly like that!!!

robertsmith53 says:

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gggrinz says:

Wow that’s great!

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corabell274 says:

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Boomchez says:

I LOVE Ellen’s laugh! 🙂

lolsarahlol1000 says:

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!llaughing so hard this is hilarious she didn’t think this wa funny at first then she laughs so hard HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! peeing my self laughing HAHAHAHAHAHAA she don’t half make me laugh lol can’t stop watching this gosh she is so funny HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! gotta love Ellen xx

violapinfinder says:

Omg can you come to Winnipeg? I’d love to see you as a bar of chocolate XD