Ellen Has Your Kid Costume Ideas!

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It’s less than a week until Halloween, and Ellen is ready with the very best costume ideas!


Shirinpuff says:

XD lol i pad

Angie24love says:

For some reason I thought the last boy was gonna be a “Cheese Calzon”..

youmadbro991000 says:

the tea party girl looks like the girl who plays matilda

christine nguyen says:

lolollol the iron chef and the EYE pad. lololllllololol!!!

frejaandcaroline says:

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DylanJohnSmileyizHrd says:


XxxShadowKitty says:

“I don’t know what to believe anymor” hahaha gotta love her! <3

missDiamondgirl55 says:

Yeah that’s very much pedo…

skippygirl959 says:

hhaha i thought she was gonna scream at ellen
“YOU DONKEY!” bawahaha

mirandarj11 says:

i love the eye pad idea

Katy Goodman says:

Ellen:*gives Sara an iron* The new Iron Chef! XD

faithlovesranch says:

eye pad hahaha

Haleytiicklebear says:

they have like the sexiest voices not to be pedo or anything

amber93021 says:

lol wud u like a drink? *nod* i dont serve miners XD

littlekieuxo says:

when ellen said, “one more, just one more”, i thought of me when I first entered the ellen side of youtube.

DoesCaRE1 says:


omgoctopus123 says:

Gods sake its random and depends on the costume!

TheCleopatrathea says:

Oh get a life, she gives random amounts of candy to people

P3RSIANpinoy says:

she gave less candy to the black and asian kid
fucking racist gay whore

rockisbetter says:

i just think it would be cool haha
cause no one expects it

AuskaNeumaki says:

Well I think Ellen is sorta the “man” in the relationship so I think Portia would be pregnant and Ellen beside Ellen is in her 50’s I think she is too old for kids

WhoEvrMadeCandyURock says:

lol IPad xD

smorses56 says:

She meant drink as in alcohol.

kloe rihouey says:

i don’t get it

rockisbetter says:

ellen should get pregnant

creativenails07 says:

Ellen you have to let Talia do your make-up! She’s a 12 year old girl, who has 2 types of very agressive cancer. The doctors told her that she didn’t have much time left, and she is SUPERGOOD at doing make-up. Her biggest wish is to do your make-up one day, so PLEASE help her?

mjmukasa says:

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iamariellee says:

how punny 😀

sydswagg says:

im 6 7 damn date plese

aangel halo says:

im 6 7

PeaceLoveFairytales says:

“I’m a……” O.O oh crap i forgot

Twirlgirl8 says:

I thought she was going to say that he’s Eye-Legal.

Xxsmile4evaxX says:

I felt so bad for the bed bug.. lool it looks so heavy

vannibannani47 says:

Oh ellen, can u make me a halloween costume. I want to be a pillow.

Madonna Kirk says:

The chef girl, how about a short, blond wig and she becoms chef Gordon Ramsy 😀 I think that would be perfect for Halloween since Gordon Ramsy is a little scary xD

Hockeysniper900 says:

Say iPhone 5 times post to 2 videos look under your pillow

lpslifeisawesome295 says:

Omg now your an iPad lol classic

ffion valintine says:

lol 😀

peetabakedmeapie says:

Say iPhone 5 times post to 2 videos look under your pillow

Margrét linda Antonsdóttir says:

say Iphone 5 times post to two videos look under your pillow

Justice2Hearts says:

“I’ll give you more a little later on…” I hope she gave him some more candy! 🙂 that little cutey pie! Lawlz

ValeriaB2015 says:

Now ur an iPad!! Haha that ellen!!:)

FumihikoKazumi says:

The chili one is about the mining incident were all those miners got trapped underground. That’s why he has the Pick-axe.

FilouUndFinchen says:

I don’t get the brief one
And the chilli one 😀