Zombie Makeup Fx With Sloughing Skin Tutorial

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Makeup Fx Tech shows you how create a zombie makeup with gross sloughing skin, reminiscent of the Dawn of the Dead remake. Special thanks to award winning makeup artist Amy Mills for this great tutorial. www.makeupfxtech.com for more videos news etc. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE Love Zombies? check out our friends at… www.zombie-makeup.com


modeivan says:

that’s nice, but i think u should paint more the eyes .

raizot says:

is that expensive

hyperflexharrington5 says:

Thanks for the tutorial. Great job.

jzama85 says:

tutorial on how to make easy foam gelatin prosthetics please??

Undebatable777 says:

The guitar is so piercing. Its like amazingly annoying.

KasperInvisable says:

I have been a makeup artist for some time and this is how we do the exorsist look as well =D good job

carltonartist says:

Amy is fantastic!!!! She taught part of the beardwork section of my character class at MUD!!! Great job guys!!!

999HappyHaunt says:

Awesome thanks!