Top Ten Halloween Costumes 2009,Twilight, Lady Gaga, OctoMom

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Still don’t know what your going as for Halloween? Well Threadbanger is here to give u some suggestions and fill ya in on the years biggest costumes.


wrxyluv says:

I just usually walk around with my dick out and tell people I am a vacuum.

Kalvinder Singh says:


Kalvinder Singh says:


Crys Genest says:

Hillywood! nice! XDDD (but i’m not fan of twillight, but… the others videos…XD)

JoJo12777 says:

I love how all of the twilight pics are of Hillywood!! lol

phbannerman says:

I want to look like roselee From twilight

redblueweronika says:

It’s June and I’m watching lil

iusedtobesunstar821 says:

daft punk 

emellylop says:

its not even near halloween and im watching lol

EpicStopMotions72 says:


DarkfurProductions says:

Hey guys, a costume/mascot performer needs some help! Thanks for all the support. gogetfunding (dot) com /project/mascot-performer-fund­raiser

superpokemon4563 says:

That is the top 10 dumbest halloween costumes ever!Except for lady Gaga because of the blood.

nikkimariesimmons13 says:

ipod outfit

SpiderCostumes says:

costumes are great

savcob says:

I tried to dress like Adam…but I could not find a leaf big enough..

davidls11 says:

If that happens, I’ll call you. :)

The997hextor says:

and what if you get a boner

7SingerGirl7 says:

It’s Hillywood! 🙂

xxbulletx says:

next year im going as a fax machine..

Nasfaratuse says:

advertisements suck

allouTV says:

my video of my costume is a real testament of commitment to detail and authenticity.

WasWasLo says:

still.not easy,mwahahaha

jchijan says:

Are you seeking truth? Search for “Truth Contest” in Google and click the 1st result, then click on “The Present” to open it. It’s not what you think it is.

RFCxRApIdZz says:

I am going as BIN LADEN

seckziee says:

Salad fingers should be top.

NenaghBinaxoxo says:

Cookie Monster’s the ONLY way to go

sebastien12364 says:

how to make a lady gaga costume, cover yourself whit meat

BrotherLego1995 says:

im going as jack sparrow this year

davidls11 says:

I usually just throw my dick over my shoulder and tell people I’m a gasoline pump.

LauraAndStyle says:

i have halloween costume ideas on my channel! check it out 🙂

arkhamcare says:

im going as beetlejuice this year

sweetholyme says:

i guezz i’ll be a zombie this year too

mainmanmoose says:

hey guys, please click on my name to see what the best halloween costume is for males…heres a clue, this person smells like camel sh*t…lol – if your a male, then check it out because in my video i also give you some pick up lines you can use 😉

xoxominniepark says:

why are there buttons on both sides of his shirt?

kristinngreen says:

for halloween in 2 weeks am goin about with a balaclava

SamsVlogging says:

your so funny (lame) that is so old