Simple & Quick Halloween Costume Ideas

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Episode 8: Halloween is creeping up so we whipped up 8 fast costumes for you, if you’re in a pinch. Most of you guys should have these items in your closet already making them fast and cheap!


mexiaznann says:

The mime was so cute! Loved it.

ledreameer says:

I love sarah’s outfits! So cute and eyecatching!

swanlakey says:

That’s what I was last year 😀

pearlywhirlyswirly says:

i wanna be a sim lol I can wear whatever i want 😀

purpleconfetti110 says:

so going to be a mime! :DD

takemyheart100 says:

Anyone know that last song

maddyvicwieck says:

am i the only one who looked up the black delilah and ended up seeing pictures of the real corpse and reading the story behind it………..its fascinating

kawaiikateee says:

I really like the first look, without the sailor hat and maybe some boots instead of heels it could be an every day look! i also love the mime look, <3

awesomechicaboss11 says:

1:50 I think it was called “The Chelsea Smile” but I don’t remember :/

andertown91 says:

i love that violet idea!

Hardtosayforever says:

Oh my god Jenn! You’re the cutest mime ever!

cherrylollipopsicles says:

Lol the sailor thing just reminds me of snsd 🙂

iluvmesoomuch1 says:

your a pretty mime 😀

ProfessorLongbottom says:

omg a Sim! hhahaha

Ryan Dunn says:

Favorite people dot com

sususze says:

i want to be sim

bigbigheadxd says:

sarah omg i’m chinese so i’m really proud of her lol

princeeesbets says:


kimberlyroxxforever says:

sarah is so gorgeous 

crazyladywithbag says:

i love sarah. she knows something the rest of us don’t

sakshiandfashion says:

Hahaha the sims and violet idea were so cute 🙂

giggleslyrics says:

5:38 I want to be a sim!

sylwianowi says:

I love first costume!

eisfield says:

It’s not halloween.. it’s carnival.. but it’s useful anyway 😀 I like the sim idea. it’s so funny. But I wanted to go as a saylor 🙂

ProblemSolvedOkay says:

Like if you looked up Black Dahlia

karnyowns says:

I like them but Lydia from Beetlejuice was waaaaaaay more covered up then that. But the Sim was awesome!

sunnysummerheaven says:

i know right! i was just thinking that