Seductive Vampire

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This tutorial will show you how to look like a haunting vampire. Inspired by Anne Rice’s beautiful vampires. They’re evocative, bewitching, desirable and haunting. Read Interview With The Vampire..I love Vampires. From anime like Vampire Hunter D, Blood: The Last Vampire and the games Castlevania Symphony of the Nights. Yes, I filmed in my tub, it was freaking HOT with all the candles. Again no mirror, using the swivel reflection on my camera =/ I also filmed this all on my own using a remote! =D Before you start any makeup maintain Clear skin A clear canvas is the most quintessential part in any makeup. Music in Order Late Night Alumni “Rainy Days” This song is from their old album, I cannot find it on iTunes, please buy it, don’t steal it. Their YOUTUBE channel Their new single is up, which is amazing You Can Be The One Kanon Wakeshima – Suna No Oshiro from anime Vampire Knight Buy her song here. She is an amazing cellist If you want to buy her entire album for $9.99 Late Night Alumni – “Sunrise Comes Too Soon” From their old Album “Empty Streets” Solotica Hidrocor ICE contacts. Remember you do not have to use what I use. Make the best of your products. I wanted to use Luxurious products because Vampires have such exquisite, lavish and ostentatious lives. Laura Mercier Brushes/Powder Puff Foundation Buff 2w Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting

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DarkPepson says:

Bitch, you trolling or what? xD

smok3yspot00 says:

thats not her real fucking voice lmao shes god damn asian u know god damn well they dont sound like americans.

Alysse Lee says:

you put the fangs on the wrong teeth!!! good video though

Reyna Hernandez Lopez says:

I love your videos are incredible…….

OhYesWeDid123 says:

how old is she

Suigintou4eva23 says:

Say vampire 3 times
Say how long you want your fangs
Post this on 3 other videos
Look in the mirror

Shelly72861 says:

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Nosa Lambert says:

yes i know :D

dazzmin says:

I tried this. I looked like a baby prostitute.

alzz0192 says:

omg i felt as if i was in a trance from 4:47-4:51 cuz of ur contacts and ur stare if u didnt notice this go back and look, focus on her eyes n her stare its crazyyy ^.^.

ashley93534 says:

omg i need u to do this for me i cant do this nor my mom probably but i love ur videos and ur pretty just sayin

Fashanyta says:

i started a beauty blog a few weeks ago 🙂
it’s really cool and it would mean a lot to me if you checked it out!
xxx see you there! 🙂

awsomecheerleader885 says:

where did you get you contacts

Shelby King says:

at 0:39
and she says in the description: Solotica Hidrocor ICE contacts.

lesbien35 says:

katy perry sexiest

imheadphones says:

I love the video! Where did you get the contact lenses? 🙂

RamonetteRamonette says:

Ur voice is so sweet 😀

MissSharday77 says:

it’s Late Night Alumni – Rainy days,  Kanon Wakeshima – Suna No Oshiro and Late Night Alumni – Sunrise comes to soon.

晨 杨 says:

who know the music

Mercedez Frederick says:

I love the contacts 🙂 soooooooooo preety

Lylypie says:

She’s wearing contacts :D

enthesia says:

Waaw, this is wonderfull!

allprettyerica says:

ok, that was a fantastic video, wow

DancersSB says:

I’m young i have been stretching my eye out applying eyeliner is that ok?

iJELLYi says:

“For any booboo” lol

Vivan Vovan says:

wait how did you get the contacts to appear so clearly when my bro puts colored contacts on his eyes you can still see the brown

Nosa Lambert says:

u have a beauty eyes 🙂

dalal345 says:

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123SethE says:

same thing for me

mizpulchritudinous says:

Can I eat with the fangs?

demistar07 says:

even wen she wante to be a vampire … she looked so Cute hhhh

mizpulchritudinous says:

Can’t wait to do this for the halloween dance! Thanks so much!