MONSTER HIGH Draculaura Inspired Halloween Makeup Look

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[bannerzon align=”right” banner_id=”1539″] http *Vlog Channel* Daughters Channel HOW TO APPLY FALSE EYELASHES PRO TIPS MONSTER HIGH’S Draculaura Makeup Look In this tutorial I do a simple version of MONSTER HIGH’S Draculaura Doll! I will have some nice pics of products used and the finished look on my website. For this look I used Graftobian/Pink Corrector Concealer Kett/ Colorless Setting Powder MAC/Barbie Loves MAC Pink Shimmer Beauty Powder MAC/PaintPot in Painterly MAC/Fluidline Brown HardCandy/purple glitter eyeliner SugarPill/Birthday Girl Eyeshadow Ulta Lipliners in Red, &Burgundy MAC Lipglass MAC Lustre Lipstick in Deep Attraction Loreal Black Eyeliner Pencil You can substitute any colors that I used to work with colors you have! I tried to keep this look simple because it is a Child’s Halloween costume makeup look for my Daughter who is 7. If you would like to see more MONSTER HIGH Dolls you can check out my daughter’s Channel here on YouTube she is reviewing her toys in her videos! She started with MONSTER HIGH Dolls because right now they are her favorite!

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champagneforcats says:

I miss you beeeetch

Christina Walker says:

where did you get the teeth

BabyDoll110509 says:

I’m 19 and I wish I had a secret room where I could put all the monster high dolls in…lol

nekal11 says:

Uhm there was a mistake….you weren’t putting the eye colour on the top lid not the bottom lid

MandyMerlot says:

im wearing this to school tommorao cept without the fangs i just happen to “be” her and my older sister is Clawdeen and my younger one is Howleen. yes im 18 and im proud to love Monster high.

crazygurls1o2 says:

I love the makeup!!! 😉 plzz sub 2 me! :-D thxx soo much 😉

BabyBahai says:

Good job

BlackOpsPrincess101 says:

She might have used her daughter’s for decoration

BlackOpsPrincess101 says:

Why do you even waste your time leaving that comment?

MsTasteslikechicken says:

Emma from kitties mama does this toturuil and shes 8 and she is better than u

SuperSammy248 says:

u should do the sluberparty draculara’s makeup

gonikkey says:

why do you have so much dolls?? it’s for children :s

vampire4vampire says:

I’m an 18 year old girl, and draculaura is my favorite! my friends and I all name each other as one of the characters from the show and im her! 😀 i see ghoulia on the left and lagoona blue on the right!

docinho346ify says:

esse video é uma bosta

covman3030 says:

I have a dracular doll and the boy 1

jiraii says:

Draculaura is my favorite

mslillylovesmakeup says:

i cant imagone how confused a little girl would be wathching this…….

jdolma says:

is draculaura ur favorite

ExcstacyPUKE13 says:

now all you need is her hair&body.
^-^ Good Job.

monsterhighlover87 says:

O yeah and you look like bella off of twilight when she turns into a vampire

TalkinMakeUp says:

I am from NJ 😉

nature198 says:

Lol i subbed loved it!!

72lemming4 says:

You spelled inspired wrong its supposed to be expired

xXcupkake0150Xx says:

Kill me?

mariaperiwinkle says:

That’s so cool! You look great 🙂

girllycrave95 says:

hah the emo kids doll lol im 16 and i bought the skirt tutu thing at walmart figureing it wont fit me but i tryd it on n it fits. i love monster high haha. 🙂 thanks for the help with the make up but its not for halloween i wear things like that everyday. haha