How to make an easy cheap zombie costume

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Hi peepz! I’m going to show you today how to make a nice, easy, cheap zombie costume. You can make it in 2-3 hours. The things you will need are: A white shirt Some old tights Red paint Some brushes Black-white-red face paint black eyeshadow Watercolor paint or Fake blood scissors Bandage [If you whant] Soil/eath You will learn here how to make a Cheap zombie/halloween costume. I could’nt record it, because I maded this costume last year, but I really use it this year. And when I taw, Hi! Lets make a video, I was already finisht with the make-up and things.. So, I’m sorry, maybe I can make a good video anytime. So yeah, thanks for watching, and I hope you will leave a comment! ———————- I’m sorry for the bad grammatical way of writing by the way.


monateegs says:

Thanks for the video.

DauwXelfje says:

Aww, sorry for my late response, but thank you so incredibly much! Honestly I don’t trick or treat any more either. Hahaha

DauwXelfje says:

Skrillex is great indeed, but I honestly like the song I used in this video as well (:

monkeyguy sean says:

that music sucks so i put on skrillex


Thanks so much – love the music & ideas

davidfisetroberge4 says:

I’m not trick or treating any more, but I wasn’t able to pass over this video, your so pretty 🙂

xonyatheone says:

Nice tips :) What’s the name of the song?

Cutainmary says:

lol this is EPIC

firerock2245 says:

at the beginning my sis screamed!!!! >:D

bdray4242 says:

oh sorry i already wore the tights for halloween, thanks anyways 🙂

DauwXelfje says:

Use a pants instead? (:

anglfce611 says:

cool… really helpful!!!!^•,,•^

bdray4242 says:

tights… on a guy…thats hot….not really…

pattylarue says:

Thanks so much!! :3

ilovesingin22 says:

omg thank you so much this really helped!!

TheJohnE64 says:

Thank :D

TheEarlBouchan says:

Holy fucking shit, get an education.

antiFoolishness says:

cool video!
I bet you like to eat children’s brain!

bloodmoney967 says:

thx 4 makeing this hellped alot

BenF206 says:

lol this is exactly how i did my zombie costume last year

cutielizzy02 says:

Im going to do this for halloween thanks for the help!

aaronskyblue30 says:

Perfect for my halloween costume!

amyshortname says:

nice, thanks 🙂

ladyeti says:


supermexican47 says:

this was my last minute costume thx

mlppuggleebb says:

Great ideas.

HawaiianIowan89 says:

i think ur amazing, and this helped me decide how to do my bf and my costumes for halloween! 🙂

cohort18 says:

lol she didnt need a costume

1313hao says:

Exactly what I need for the zombie walk!!! Thanks

MegaBannaboy says:

thxs i need to go trick or treating

xostunning says:

ahh, awesome! thanks (: