How to make a Low Budget ZOMBIE Costume & Make-up

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If your going to take part in this years Barnstaple Zombie Walk you can check this short video out for ideas on how to make a low budget ZOMBIE costume.


dousty5 says:

this is way better than expert villige’s tutorial

dandelbert09 says:

hes look like Mcgregor in the game Call of duty 2

thalz88 says:

cool 🙂

jlhfjhfkhgf says:

Thesse weekend village( a little flastlander suvineour part of Big Bear) and walkin around as a zombie like this! This is awesome

Turtles1727 says:

Like 4 or 5 times he said kids be careful with the sicsors. And be careful like 3 times.

2uMRAsh says:

This has helped me out sooo much. Cheers mate ! 😀

MrStephen0605 says:

im gonna make a video on my channel scaring people on hallowen doin this stuff so pleeeeease check out my channel

nicholishere says:

i think you put to much black on one side

HamishWare says:

Hi, I have a tip. If you see a “Spirit” halloween store, there will be a makeup section with a bunch of cheap latex scars, cuts, bites, and skin makeup!


i know what im being for halloween and singing to this johnathen coltans-your brains HA HA

jasis666 says:

You don’t need pockets when you’re dead 😛

hmwhmw1 says:

i was gonna like this video, but i saw there was 69 likes, and decided differently due to your youtube name 😉

Little19Kid says:

mum: be carefull with the scissors darling
child: careful my ass! clip clop AGHHHHHH

theblaze950 says:

nice work guys

CastorTroy212 says:

Be careful with the scissors or you might end up with hair like this…

MissEmmi06 says:

hummm…… hottie. 🙂

MochaManMark says:

i used every bit of this vid for my halloween costume this year! lol thanx!! (CHEERS) ;D

xXPMorexLCoilxSknotX says:

This is great, way better than Expertvillage’s guide

Robertski82 says:

Really appreciate the hints guys!

McTrollburger says:

good video love the costume

RAMUK69 says:

Thanks. To think I made this video for a local newspapers website that was promoting the Zombie Parade I was putting on a few years back and since then its got over 18,000 hits.

If you go on to make a zombie costume using this video sent me your pics and I’ll stick them on my site.

RAMUK69 says:

Yeah you should never work with a zombie:)

gtariman03 says:

lol @ 2:02 the guy ate the awesome mike

Sotnas says:

Will lipstick work as a substitute for red makeup?

Sotnas says:

Okay, I was just curious.

RAMUK69 says:

not sure its made by snazaroo I think. I’ll check next time I dig it out the garage.

Sotnas says:

Did you use grease makeup or cream makeup??