How-to apply Zombie make-up as a Halloween costume

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A tutorial from Mike the How-to Guy.This video shows you how to put on make-up as a Zombie for halloween or any other time!


Stan de Weerd says:

this guy is a very good zombie 🙂

spongebobjan says:

Thanks for the help and nice job I’m haveing a Halloween party

dejene123 says:

like background music

LittleMissBeth23 says:

your fit!

Taurussagacity says:

I like turtels

psg9960514 says:

I love gay

TheManerky says:

Does it matter if he’s fucking gay?

aryan khan says:


Brianna Crawford says:

pleased change your music. its annoyinger then HELL itself

Tanjasdigitreats says:

Gay or not, who cares.. yum! LOL

TheTurtleBabe says:

He looks gay

neonpinkpeace says:


titsqueezer000 says:

go walk into target looking like that lol 🙂

EpicFail270 says:

Your very hot just letting you know 😀

caryyyyyyful says:

wtf did u eat bbq ribs lol

Bradassism says:

Will it blend?

SuperCute2007 says:

I love it

cplbarns says:

Ya he is so cute

cplbarns says:

Ya hes hot and cute

NatsuOkamiTips says:

At the beginning I thought be was just trolling…

Lu Ci says:

“that way, it’s also edible” LOL!!!

Detonater54 says:

Omg this is perfect. and cheap

missy012586 says:

I love your zombie ending… It’s hilarious

Mariah Robertson says:

tak off ur shirt again that was hotness

buddyleegaming says:

I’m using this for a zombie movie

yohendryy says:

HEY schmidt, JAR!

crazygamer13131 says:

ggrrrrrrrr!!!! to u my zombie