Halloween Makeup – Scary Vampire/Monster

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Hi Bellas, I’m back with my last Halloween tutorial of 2010, can you believe it? I saved my scariest for last! There are a lot of Vampire tutorials out there, but this one is not sexy, cute or fun…it’s kinda grotesque and scary! I show you how to apply a foam appliance and truly transform you into another creature. Check out my video highlights: 3:20 Clean and moisturize skin 3:43 Place foam piece on the face ot decide where you want to glue it 4:02 Powder around the edges of the mask so you know where to glue 4:34 Apply spirit gum to the face 4:48 Use a q-tip to make the spirit gum tacky and primed for placing the foam piece on top 5:11 Smooth edges of foam piece onto spirit gum, making sure not to let the edges roll under 5:55 Take liquid latex and apply two thin layers around edge of foam piece and onto skin to help it blend 6:45 When liquid latex dries, set with translucent powder and a puff 7:08 Paint foam piece with grease paint, use a lighter color than your natural foundation shade 8:35 Select a coordinating foundation and paint it onto the skin 9:27 Stipple foundation onto edges of the foam piece to help it blend better 10:00 Set the makeup with powder 10:30 Emphasize the wrinkles by using a black pencil 11:19 Blend out lines with a brush to soften it 12:07 Black smokey eye 12:54 Contour with a darker color 13:29 Fill in lips with black pencil creating a pointy shape 14:04 Layer red lipstick on top 14:45 Add wigs and teeth 15:14 Add fake blood 15:58 Darken

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xXcharlieismadXx says:

u look scary without the make up

Ben Bowker says:

no offense but that sucks! 

TashaBlub says:

Woah! Its Pete Burns!

Myredemption023 says:

LOL!! Thats so awesome XD!!!

rhemi9898 says:


AlexielHellsing2 says:

You look like drusilla from buffy

makeupntitties says:

wheres ur eyebrows???

GreenGrl847 says:

A vampire with a speech impediment yay! 😀
But anyways awesome tutorial c:

BlackRosesWeep says:

Sleep is overrated anyways.

auroralavigne12 says:

Buffy The Vampire Slayer?

vinvinxoxo says:

It reminds me of Pete burns ! Hahaha

nailsandmakeup3 says:

with out the fangs and blood u look like jigsaw!!! scaryyy lol

Galilimus234 says:


MagentaMurder727 says:

please excuse my language…..HOOLLLLYYFUCCKk!!!

steeszy says:

Haha I like how she looks hella scary , but wears fake eyelashes , giving the look a pop :b

xFluttersMakeup says:


LeeJessica95 says:

The tumbnail scared me.. 0.o

kayla89286 says:

omg i saw that movie to 

wwisdanielleernst says:

30 days of night? ;o
XD its look like that.

Cv87bond says:

Youlook REEEEEAAAAAAAALLYYYYY cute without the vampire makeup ddddddaaaaaammmmmnnn

RickiandBECShow says:

You look like the vampires of Buffy the vampire slayer

yougotit96 says:

damn you got a sexy real face !!

WiccanPrincezz86 says:

Love it! Reminds me of drusilla frm buffy

epicandamazin says:

i want to scar my girl with this

Kilikina616 says:

This looks like a vampire from Buffy.

pinuttas says:

world of warcraft anyone ?

jalapenopringle says:

Belle Isle Hag much O_O

BelieberAndLovatic says:

at 5:00 it looks like you have piggy tails. x}

Hermyoni33 says:

This reminds me of drusillas grrr face from buffy.

dreamsofmylove says:

dang Ren i hardly recognized you!

DoodlesBaker says:

u look kinda LIKE a pitbull lol nice job!

TheMissBetta87 says:

wow! ;)

XXLbaby says:

i would rather see her spread c_ _ all over her face!!

emiriega says:

she’s cute i would totes ………lol

emiriega says:

I would she’s hot either way….oh oh boner alert LOL

lulu130271 says:

Fantastic, dear… would love to take you out for a stroll, mmmmm 😉

daniella992000 says:

god its funny how someone so stunning can make themselves look so scary…and well done for doing something genuinely scary and not falling for the oh its halloween dress like a slut look lol xxx

datch1ck912 says:

halloween stores …walmart may or may not have it too

wisegal88 says:

Super cool!

HairandMakeup00 says:

i would of NEVER of thought that would would of looked like that when you had the costume on ! 😀 Haha but your really pretty! 🙂

Aliciafreak07 says:

where do you buy liquid latix????/

allaboutmakeup1979 says:

hey girlie next time you use a appliance use acetone to disolve the edges down it will look more like your skin

epicwinname says:

that kinda looks like marilyn manson XD

sartajtanweer1 says:

cute girl @ 1:22
the ugliness starts at 3:44