Halloween Costume Ideas

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Today Rob brings you some fresh Halloween costume ideas as well as some tips on costumes to avoid


zanetaylor123 says:

I wanna go as YouTube

Morgan McNally says:

i wanna go as facebook :L

PianoSlo says:

One year I went as a poptart. :p I took 2 pieces of posterboard, stapled ribbon to the top to make it fit over my head, and used red, white, and blue tissue paper to frost. I also drew on eyes and a mouth.

Gone Madz says:

I’m going to be a stilt spirit

msdbzloverful says:

Im being a homeade demented gypsy.

Oliver Armstrong says:

i know this is really geeky but can you make a tutorial on a ciel phantomhive coustume… for women and 12 year old geekey girls?

Duonganna Max says:

Is that Roanld from happy mean

HomeMadePowerz says:

A fetus with a drill bit stuck in the eye with a pink garden hose coming from the abdominal area going into the vagina of a closely-following naked woman.


smokebrittany says:

Lolol haha

snapelicious says:


1412Birthday says:

A piece of Jesus toast

MissSuperPugLover says:

KEITH Ledger??? :::

allouTV says:

bang that thread! my video of my costume is a real testament of commitment to detail and authenticity, although i did need help wrapping my arms and i couldnt breathe at first!

MrCrplcupcakes says:

Still don’t know

origamifreak2 says:

I checked that website…ewww

coolm911 says:

he looks sooo stoned ahaha

preppychrisbou says:

piece of jesus toast lololololololol

andrewandalex12 says:

im so dressing up as a youtube video

mainmanmoose says:

hey guys, please click on my name to see what the best halloween costume is for males…heres a clue, this person smells like camel sh*t…lol – if your a male, then check it out because in my video i also give you some pick up lines you can use 😉

laatmekijken999 says:

I had a motorhelmet and cut of a basket, glue it to the helmet, foam stuff, you know whatI mean? that rising foam stuff, then make a drill out of fragments, pillar, blade, pillar blade etc. brown clothing, big rack with tubes and air stuff and everything, bicicle light in your helmet, and your an angry big daddy!

leblanc84 says:

what how did you manage that!!!!!!!!!!!

TheYippiekayay says:

I’m going as Sweeney Todd :D

kristinngreen says:

am goin as a robber:)

eleven17ohnine says:

Yankees baseball player

drake108100 says:

dressing up as Jason Vorhees :l

laatmekijken999 says:

I’m already scared of you when I hear what you think of my mom? new daddy I guess?

jgantner1 says:

fuck off,a costume is a outfit of a character, thing, or creature.

Kennedy640 says:

I’m carving that into a pumpkin | (-) D