Get the Outfits: One Direction! (Halloween Costume Idea)

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Today’s video is a very fun and different one. I know you all enjoy my fashion videos so I decided to change it up a little bit and do something fun for all of you One Direction fans. This was so much fun to film with my friends so i hope you all enjoy! As we did this i realized this would…


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Briana Delgado says:

awww thats cute

nailaaa275 says:

Also, where did you get those shoes from?

nailaaa275 says:

Tess, what shoes are you wearing in this video?

Caillaud Louise says:

J’adore !♥
I Love ♥

musicHOOTER says:

This video is too cute!!! I love the outfits! Especially how you pulled off harry’s look. 🙂 Kudos!

MsFrulla says:

I looooove this videooooo! *-* <3

KLepp5 says:

You are sooooooooo pretty!

Jillian holden says:

Where did you get Zayn Varsity Jacket? Its sooo CUTE!

MaybeImNotMe says:

if you had the niall and the liams shirt buttuned up to the top and if zayns jacket was tie at the top and not at the bottom thei costume would be just perfect

Tesschristine123 says:

I used imovie to edit everything 🙂

Cheyenne Fiene says:

Summer go to the h&m soo many Louis clothes!! xx

marvel naguib says:

omg i have to go to H&M to buy this amazing blazer

nevershoutsarah127 says:

My friends and I might do this for Halloween. I’m going to be Niall :3

igetcrazy2456 says:

I know what I’m doing for Halloween this year… 🙂 great video and outfits <3

TheLoveme252 says:

it’s zayn not zayne

robboal6 says:

where did you buy the lettermen jckt for Zayne? im gonna be him or louis 😛

193kayli says:

What app did you use to make this? I know you probably won’t reply, but its all good

ann00ki says:

you are just awesome in every video! You’re just absolutely perfect <3 <3 😉 And yes you look younger but that's an advantage... (I look younger than I am too!!...) :p ;p

xxPinkCookieexx says:

I wanna do this. I only have two Directioner friends which sucks :”(

directiono16 says:

so your older that harry,niall and liam lool :))

Lisa Styles says:

omg ur all do pretty and i loved the video

Aroobpopstar says:

One Direction should watch this

rockitpopit13 says:

love this but this is more one thing dances not wmyb

MsEricSaade says:

Oh!!! Hahahaha 😛 But you do look younger 😉 That’ll be a good thing when you’ll get older, ya know

CaribayMorenoVEVO says:

are you a 1D fan?? :))

leriedoo says:

I LOVE YOU TESS <3 you inspires me 🙂

Vanessa Yoma says:

iwant harrys jacket

Vanessa Marlene says:

I want to dress like harry for halloween

MrBubbles1242 says:

I can imagine some people walking by saying What the??? Oh, Directioners. Lnl, I am PROUD to be a directioner

Vanessa Marlene says:

@mrscarajohn me to lol

rockinemi100 says:

I think I’m gonna dress up as Louis for the first day of school 😀

Brianna101Channel says:

Its in the subscriptions box.

yadira0322 says:

You Look Like Your 16 O: 

mrscarajohn says:

can u plzz tell me where u got each item for Harry’s outfit im soo being him for Halloween

mrscarajohn says:

can u plzzzzzz name were u gt each item for Harry’s outfit i soo want 2 be that for halloween lol