Conan Reveals His Halloween Costume!

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CosmicBanshee7 says:


mcridiculose says:

lol, you wouldn’t know that its conan with the mask on xD

leTreadmill says:


RaiUbros says:

imagine he robs a bank wearing that mask…the cops would never suspect him

Abertween says:

Thats damn creepy

Clement Kee says:

Conan O’Brienception.

sunscreen318 says:

That guy in the mask does a terrible Conan impression

theonlyred4 says:

Yo dawg, I heard you like Conan, so I put a Conan in a Conan mask.

skipsch says:

omg keep pressin’ 8

my80splaylist says:

Ahahahaah sequel to Point Break

SicSlaver says:

What does who think?

SicSlaver says:

Yea he did. Ontario is a city in Cali.

darkcurrypowder says:

did he say ONTARIO, California? lmao

krozan123 says:


allouTV says:

is that teddy roosevelt in the corner? my video of my costume is a real testament of commitment to detail and authenticity, although i did need help wrapping my arms and i couldnt breathe at first!

fortuenii says:

Mcain mask… lol

2009Murph says:

At least he got the voice down pat

rockinrobin337 says:

Haha, it’s actually called the “Ex- Talk Show Host” mask 😛

mrjojob100 says:

it would of been funny if u said
and they asked who r u? u took the mask off and reveilded yourself and they said again who r u lol that woukd of been funny lol

asiandragon76 says:

i bet people gonna beat the hack out of me if i wear Conan mask and if i am taking off infront of people because i am not Conan

josephfoster30 says:

What was your first big break

missineichen says:

hilarious when he said “i look like a burn victim”

7y54 says:

it was more like check it aaa

silencer96 says:

Press 6 repeatedly for headache.

UndeadHavoc1 says:

Damn. It’s missin’ the beard.

ShadowCrowX says:

LOL “I’m really HIM, maaaan!”

ShadowCrowX says:

miss the beard

john2114505 says:

press 8 to see 3D conan

GLWillaims says:

watch,dont fish and drive!

bpclips says:


GmodGIRL says:

HAHAHA!!! it looks like he has a turkey neck!!!

TheQuartersQuote says:

1:00 – 1:21 not only that but there’s no beard or mustache.

cerberus144 says:

The infamous “ExTalk Show host” Mask my cousin bought one XD

mscoconuttrees says:

gosh, you see all the other quotes and go after me? chill. its sad to think that some people get worked up over a Youtube comment. leave me alone and grow up.

chessinfantry says:

yeah, we just watched it, we got it….retard