Awesome Halloween Costume!

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The is by far the most awesome homemade Halloween costume I’ve ever seen, and my friend Samuel Seide made it! This month, he is showing off his Halloween creations! Willow Crest Manor is his house turned into a spectacular event. Tune in frequently this month for more videos in this series. Many of his ideas came from the good people at and Join the Zack Scott Fun Club! Follow me on Twitter Follow me on Facebook Take photos with me: Ask me anything: SEND STUFF: Zack Scott 2119 Riverwalk Dr #156 Moore, OK 73160 CALL OR TEXT ME: (405) 310-ZACK (9225)


deoblo85 says:

that is awesome !!!!

1999crna says:

That is crazy

CoadterFreak22 says:


furno222 says:

The head looks like it’s the head of a really grumpy old scientist who has a huge brain. Anyway, epic costume! You could fool anybody with that.

SuperKnight3744 says:

o_o hell of a talent ya got there. I couldn’t make that even if you paid me :/

CostumeCircus says:

Awesome Costume! Great craftmanship too!.

KillerGolden says:


starrmorin28 says:


OverlordToyReviews says:

That’s awesome!

Unfallenregal279 says:

Tristan! :)

motn2017 says:

can you give me a head?

MrElectrifying12 says:


MrElectrifying12 says:

the head is so huge lol

k1ngdragon411 says:

hey if he round of the hunch back and give it bigger feet???

MultiLEE000 says:

it looks like a head from easter island 0:30

monkeybabe628 says:

haha that’s sick!! honestly the coolest costume I’ve ever seen 😀

DAN5675able says:

it looks like jim carrey/ steve carell combined.

andrew56011 says:

hey just wondering if i was going to make a costume, i probably would something simalier what kind of material would i need to acctually make the outfit if you could tell me that would be great and you will be my favorite person. p.s how long did it take to make the costume

seb753159 says:

nice :p

ninjacheesecake1 says:


ausamo2000 says:

no, samuels is WAY cooler! no contest!

RandKproductions235 says:

it reminds me of how christopher loyld now looks

allouTV says:

my costume in my video is cooler, a real testament of commitment to detail and authenticity, although i did need help wrapping my arms and i couldnt breathe at first!

SuperiorMCGaming says:

Oh cool thanks

TheGuffy1990 says:

Sam’s son 🙂

SuperiorMCGaming says:

whos the little kid

lovemehlovemehnot says:

it looks like emmett brown from back to the future for me 🙂

SOMEGUYME1126 says:

how does he see?

AwsomekillerX5 says:

i like the little boy thats looks like mario better

VanguardGamesBros says:

be a creeper

XTerraUltima says:

i dare you to stand outside someone’s house, and when the trick or treaters come by, SCARE THE CRAP OUT OF ‘EM

BlueTiger368 says:

justin bieber

MMorris1632 says:

bahaha thats my name too 😛

Wakawakasucks1 says:

Why do people steal little kids candy? WATCH YOUR KIDS THIS YEAR.
Someone at my school said im gona steal “candy from little kids.” TF O.O

soxamillion says:

learn to spell

bradcusterjr19801 says:

zack you look cooler then the other vids like your spider vids

DJTEVAdotCOM says:

I wouldnt say its the most creative.

Eduardo Racancoj says:

be a minecraft caricter