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These costumes are the most last minute you can get without going as “yourself”. Here are over 20 ideas for what you can be for halloween using things you already have. Now go make your costume, slacker.


phantomfangurl says:

*gasp* I’m honored! 😀 I wasn’t a subscriber before, but I am now 😉

peaceloveswim7 says:

I live this so much I watches it like sic times

TheSorryGirls says:

Your officially our smartest subscriber (if your a subscriber) 😉

phantomfangurl says:

I just realized your username is a Canadian stereotype xD

TheBrandNameShoe says:

girl on the right looks just like victoria justice

klynnxxoo says:

those r actually kinda cuye lol -3

thecraftygurl3 says:

U can kinda tell u Canadian cause u have the Canada day gloves

thecraftygurl3 says:

lol yea i make fun of it when my brother says it but its fun but whatever

TheSorryGirls says:

We actually are Canadian! We know its super stereotypical but it’s all in good fun 🙂

thecraftygurl3 says:

Canadians don’t say aaa a lot just saying but it was funny

BaileyJessicaxx says:

I like the teabag, Canadian and the broom 🙂

Christinia Lily says:

Highlight the best

cavemenftw says:

A BROOM IS MY FAV. :”) so funny girls!

cowgirldancer3 says:


ICEESnowflakes says:

A college student looks super comfy

katiek937 says:

My favourite was wheres waldo 🙂 I am defenatly doing that for this Halloween (only 3 months away)

Asmâa Mérad says:

a pregnant woman .

hippiskittles says:

College student!

Gleekchic1 says:

This is awesome!! Nice work!!(:

rainboemuffin says:

My fav’s
1)Collage student
2) A king
3)Life gaurd
4) Tourest
5)Weres waldo?

CloLoves says:


logan12335 says:

I liked it a lot

TheSorryGirls says:

got it from a fabric store and hot glued them into the shape of ears! with a wire in them. all DIY

1999Bluebell says:

what about the ears?

TheSorryGirls says:

its a walmart hoodie turned inside-out!

1999Bluebell says:

where did you get the wolf hoodie?

rsetha01 says:

I prefer the flasher darling

greenteajazztiger says:

the tea bag’s cute

sireomma says:

darling 0:28

NailCare0 says:

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thegman519 says:

i think you messed up the angle on the flasher part and ohh yeah i wanna fuck you guys you guys can play with my dick if you want.

TheRockbaby91 says:

Tea bag 😀

KnifeNut88 says:

Canadian eh? That was racist.

Ledy1021 says:

Hahaah this was too funny! Good job!

xmripper says:

Nude please ?

02Lovin says:

a broom ! lmfao

iloveclothes23 says:

Ahhahaha a broom

TheRockbaby91 says:

This is funny as hell 🙂 good job hahaha

itsboochiebihh says:

this HAS to be the best frikkin last minute video everrrrr. i lmao’d too hard at the college student!! 🙂

xSellyxox says:

lol I’m canadain and I’ma dress as one XDXD does that make sense?

FarAwayDistance says:

Haha this was so cute 🙂 I loved this! I’m pretty sure I’m going to be a broom <3 God bless!

DaysOffWork says:

you girls are hot! i like the broom costume the best!

Tammii80 says:


DemiSelenaFan02 says:

lmao a broom..

TheSorryGirls says:

There is actually a how to video now up on how to make the paperbag princess costume (as well as a dragon). Check it out! 🙂


93heylove says:

These are pretty clever. Easy but really good

bskulldragon100 says:


…. waht it hasnt been said alreadeh?