13 Halloween Costumes You’ll See At Every Party – POV Comedy Thunder

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facebook.com 13 Halloween Costumes You’ll See At Every Party – POV Directed by James T. McFadden Featuring: Lynsey Bartilson as Raggedy Anne Charlie Faith as Raggedy Andy Jessica Buttafuoco as J-WOWW Kelly Meyersfield as Snooki Evan Wecksell as the Situation Sam Posey as Lady Gaga Rudy Martinez as Justin Bieber Brittany Furlan as Sexy Squirrel Reggie Brown as Tiger Woods www.youtube.com Swami Varadan as Cigar Guy Michael Ruesga as The Most Interesting Man in the World Carlos Peñuela as a Chilean Miner Christian Saglie as Fantasy Football Ryan Reyes as Edward Cullen www.youtube.com Matt Calloway as the Old Spice Guy Eddie Castuera as Antoine Dotson Andy Horne as the Fireman Tyler McFadden as Brett Favre Heidi Heaslet as Lindsay Lohan Will Thomas McFadden as Will the Annoyed Party Goer Hair and Make Up by Luan Evans Comedy Thunder is an epic comedy event on YouTube that can’t be stopped. Eight hilarious comedy teams and comedians will each be posting a new funny video based on a specific theme that changes every week. Comedy Thunder videos will include sketches, pranks, music videos, parody, spoofs, and more. New videos from all 8 comedy teams every Thursday. Check out the comedy channels involved by clicking the links below: Comedy Thunder www.youtube.com Comedy Channels www.youtube.com www.youtube.com www.youtube.com www.youtube.com www.youtube.com www.youtube.com www.youtube.com www.youtube.com


MrChannelReview says:

thats a guy dumbass

MizZJUiCYSWEET530 says:


ewesaforever13 says:


Valerie Taylor says:

back at your cups, now back at me.. LMAO

Richard Molin says:

Right Click the video + Stop download = PROFIT 😀

flipidy14 says:

i want to give a thumbs up but the thumbs up is at 101! (boobs 101) 😀

xti3sto says:

33 “todo calza pollo”

DangerousToysll says:


illbuyourniknak says:

Party full o’ Tools………..

logiclovr says:

Best part was the beginning with the raggedy Ann and Andy. “Happy Halloween!!” “holy s***…..”. give ya points for that. 🙂

budwiserx3 says:

Tits to the face

XxCyanAndWaterxX says:

I’m a straight girl, I actually didn’t come for that -_-“

SonyLiteR says:

Lol i was that excuse to go shirtless person. I went dressed up and a zulu warrior lol.

FlowerRFabulous says:

kept me entertained, i don’t really go to halloween parties ever because im a lame

Edwin Lingsa says:

Nitro Ballater Drive

d4nielar says:

sorry team jacob hahaha

erd607 says:

Dont worry. If you dont already know that homework is plural then studying is probably a waste of time lol

woweewooza says:

Sexy Laungerie and Sexy Costumes Like these?


ColourfulTurtles says:

whatever jebrownie LOOOOOL

TimXgr91 says:

you mean 0:41 ! noob 😀

MrSniperscope says:

lol…this is how i felt at a halloween party i went to last year. XD

awesomegirl123ist says:

is raggety anne that chick on wizards of waverly place? she looks like it

xXkyleelovesyouXx says:

this is shittttt

Kiilers says:

01:48 gets me every time

Iwuzhere321 says:

“Sorry, Team Jacob” LMAO

HKLesterol says:

my porn name is pretty cool for a chick tho…”Missy Stonyburn”

czstor says:

I agree the girl in the bikini was the best costume but why dis she wear the stupid coat?

chilipepper711 says:

emphasis on the came

endodaze says:

I hate you so much. I’m still giving you a thumbs up, though.

mrdelvanio says:

1:40 sorry team jacob xD

halosk8r117 says:

nice pun

Littlepup93 says:

Hehe! My costumes fall under none of these! Does that mean I’m original?