VAMPIRE Makeup Hair Costume (Halloween Transformation)

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How to create a stunning female vampire look for Halloween! This is re-visiting the first Halloween video I ever made years ago, as I’ve always wanted to re-do that video because I wasn’t entirely happy with it. I now have a better camera, better products, the correct fangs and costumes and better technique, so I thought it was finally time! More Halloween looks: Pictures, products and nailpolish on my website: Costume is from: Get 10% for new customers with the code 10HALLO Subscribe to my second channel for Day in the Life vlogs, cooking tutorials, book reviews, travelogues and more! Get social with me! TWITTER: FACEBOOK: ‪ Music: “Final Count” This video is not sponsored.


isabel4394 says:

flowwwwwleeeeessssssssssssssssssss victorrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Tony Sol says:

I want you to do my Halloween makeup!

Tyodesaree says:

Ich liebe deine Makeup tutorials.
Könntest du eventuell eines für eine Herzkönigin machen
Man findet im Internet nur die blauen Tim Burton angelehnten Tutorials. aber ich würde gerne deine Interpretation sehen.

Liebe Grüße

leah kimmie says:

so what hapens LOL??

leah kimmie says:

dark skin!!! ‘AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!” racist!!!! (LOLZ i dont have black skin i just wrote that :P)

angelique ansquer says:

J’aime beaucoup mais parle pas merci

CourtneySaysQuack says:

Oi was that a transformation. I love it!!

LaVaNiDoSa214 says:

i dont like it i love

carlosfierrolover says:

i love it

Mariana Maritza says:

oi mariana

Short Moviesxx says:

Where did you get that Dress from My Mum wants to know for halloween , Thanks 🙂 x

OhKilled1 says:

woooooooooow te vez genial toda una vampirita sexy jejejeje te quedo padrisimo el makeup vampire very good!!!!

teresamartinez977 says:

Me gusthA… Its really good

PopSayoung says:

Love your eyes.

jayserose85 says:

OFF THE FANG!!!!!!????!!!

Loveharrystyles79 says:

The cover picture looks like miley cyrus/victoria justice, only without all the goth makeup

emjay230 says:

tolle Frau und so sympathisch!

moolieist says:

The cover photo you do look like megan fox

daronandbill says:

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tammythewild2live says:


Angela Johns says:

You are just so awesome and inspiring :). true artist

vitoria ferretti says:

muito zika

moritchaaa says:

loved was very real, that perfect ^^

ninwell2010 says:

noss mt massa esssa make vou usar na minha festa
………….. arrazo garota kkkkkkkkkkkkk

Angela Valdez says:

Say mermaid5x and post this on 2 other videos then touch water

kittenclaw3 says:

w0w u look a lot younger when u have your make up on i don’t mean that in a bad way

Cailey James says:

Now thats sexy and creepy!!:-) Best I’ve seen.

Te amo e só você não vê says:

quero ser vampira de verdade

Dana Digi says:

so realistic

RecklessTwistedYouth says:

Not that you look old, but makeup makes you look a looot younger. You could pass for like 16

Hope McAdams says:

you look like you’re 18 when wearing makeup. wo

mroopnarine18 says:


mariahandrews143 says:

That looks awesome (:

ninae1968 says:

Dont suck my blood lol

kathleenmontesable says:

You  Look good Vampire girl

Mixsybabe says:

She’s a beautiful sexy vampire… Love the make up and costume:D

ANTONJV1 says:

this is great for this

evih99 says:

I liked it but how would you take the teeth off??

fiorela gimenez says:

How well I charm ♥