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Vampire Costume make-up tutorial complete with lipstick on her fangs!

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delriobelle says:

Your just get the y

katiebabie3438 says:


MCgrinder525 says:

Why is ur fangs is pink??

threestooges2002 says:

to much makeup… it!

NatsumiKenshin says:

Is it strange that my eyes look like your contacts? O.O Also.. The foundation and concealer that you put on with those brushes, we’re they powder or liquid? I couldn’t really tell

Giwai Kum says:

Damn Girl! Your make up is Awesome!!!!!

daronandbill says:

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ShaelaTackett says:

That is bada**…. I know you were asked this a lot, but where do you get the contacts? Or is there a different website I can find that has similar stuff like what you used?? Just curious if you or anyone else knows… 🙂 You did a great job!

deefoote27 says:

I love her acsent it’s so cool

ArtLook4U says:

veeeeery cool! :)

missvalbluebelle says:

hi can u tell me what colour the contacts are. thanks

britawaterfilterfan says:

just in time for halloween plans – beautiful job on the makeup I hope we can recreate it at our house this year.

tashaw26 says:

I wanna b a vampire 3x post this on 3 vids say how Sharp look in the mirror

zombieX111222333 says:

@vbzvofw yes. i know you were also thought it might be a fake promise. and i can tell u , even my friend got the maybelline mascara for nothing after signup in this site. i found it here =>

noor BelieberDirectioner says:

omg so scary ;s

ThePinkMakeUpAddict1 says:

that is quite good english actually xx

kirsten lynne says:

i love it tht looks soo real

TheDomolover19 says:

i love it….gives me an idea about doing it for halloween

elicax15 says:

Love wearing this kind of make up daily without the fangs and blood <3

dancingclassrooms1 says:

That’s very nice

sianwood9 says:

It was very good make up

xoxLoveToCreatexox says:

that is awesome!!!! i love it x :D

Sylviaetcetc says:

I’m so gonna wear this look this year! Love it!

pink70makeup says:

Yeah, before the lenses and fangs was really wearable!

pink70makeup says:

Exactly what I was thinking!!!

pink70makeup says:

@choiy818 I agree

pink70makeup says:

Exactly what I thought!!! lol

pink70makeup says:

Very amazing!

I’ve already heard people saying puting mascara after applying falsies spoil them, but how can you blend your natural to the falsies like that?

mihojuju says:

sooo sexyy

micky2515 says:

omg soo soo so soo beautiful! i love it if i could i’d wear makeup like this everyday, its so sexy



UrPogo says:

Love your videos! Can’t stop watching:D

thebeachwaves101 says:

love it

littlestpetshopzaina says:

I Put the bites!!

xPhreshPrincess09 says:

Wow..your makeup is incredible, your awesome!!! I love the whole vampire thing!!!! :D