Halloween 2011: Funny Masks

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Halloween 2011: Funny Masks – as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. When it comes to funny masks this Halloween season, I guess it depends on what your idea of funny is. Some people think Hillary Clinton here is funny or some people might think that is scary when it comes to a Halloween mask. Here we have the train wreck’s surgery mask which is a very funny popular one for women to wear, since there’s not too many choices for women, but here are a few samples of what women could wear when it comes to funny masks for this Halloween season. When it comes to an election year, political masks always seem to be funny. Here I have our President here, Barack Obama, which some people consider funny/scary, depends on how you look at it. Over here we have Kennedy, Hillary also. When it comes to popular political masks, Kennedy is probably one of the most popular ones. People come in asking specifically for Kennedy, which have been very popular over the years. When it comes to funny masks, funny masks are harder to find because most people tend to go towards scary. So looking for a funny mask is a little bit more difficult. Also you could do makeup in place of a mask when it comes to being funny.