3 Monster Themed Kid Group Costumes

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Kid’s monster-themed costumes can go from cute to scary, and kids have a lot of fun finding the monster costume just right for them. In this how-to video from About.com, get some ideas for monster-themed costumes for kids. Transcript Hey everybody, I am Scott Bellamy with Costumes Etc here in Atlanta, Georgia for About.com, and I’m here to show you some kid’s monster themed costumes. Choosing Monster-Themed Costumes for Kids There are many options out there for monster costumes. Each fit the personality of a certain child. The most effective choice would be one that fit the child best. It will be much more fun when the child enjoys their costume. Here are some choices to get an idea of the options available. Who says monsters can’t be superheroes? Super Grover would be a good match for a cute, monster loving hero. Skeletons for the classic, practical joker who loves to give people a good friendly scare. Or you can take it up a notch with a Skeleton Pirate for the Lad or Lady who likes a bit of thrilling, almost terrifying adventure. More Monster Costume Ideas for Kids For the ones who have an inclination for the gruesome who can be identified as the ones who love the creepy crawlies that you hate in your house, a Zombie may just be the right pick for them. To suit the personality of the devious ones in the house who have a wicked, evil laugh, and usually charms their way into getting what the want using the enchanting big eyes there’s no other costume for them, but a