Sexy Vampire Princess Make-up

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Conceal your Eyebrows :Michelle Phan’s Nana video : How to be a Vampire without getting bit ??!! LOL I thought this would be my last Scary LOOK but i was wrong lol Thanks for all the Vampire Requests!!!!! This look was somewhat inspired by Kim Kardashian’s Vampire look .You could add the Eyebrows if you want to or not .Hope you guys try this look out !!!!!!!

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faroeseguysjoman says:

Damn that girl knows how to do her ´makeup´ :D

leroy wallner says:

pwamise lol aww

Nikki1012065 says:

can u get the contacts like anywhere? or do u have to order them? if u can get them anywhere pls tell me where

Suigintou4eva23 says:

Say vampire 3 times
Say how long you want your fangs
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Look in the mirror

Sumayyah Watson says:

how she get the teeth

b1a2y3k4a5y6 says:

I don’t get why you use such a dark contour color on such pale skin…

b1a2y3k4a5y6 says:

You really shouldn’t use lip products on your eyes….

TheZeke357 says:

Do Jeff The Killer

bemerloveslps says:


Irolka177 says:

she told you in the video…. -,-

Irolka177 says:

contacts ;>

silverrosex says:

scary 20:49!

msjenjen12321 says:

i have the exact same black lipstick it is good

SilverRing180 says:

Where did you get those fangs?

SilverRing180 says:

Where did you get those fangs?

CocoaUnicorns says:

Is that foundation stick a joke??

TrueBloodLFan says:

she looks like a angry lady gaga

myawsomelife2569 says:

you awsome

Gwyneth K Rodriguez says:

Love dat look gurla

Faux Desire says:

1:49 scary as

evelynlopez362 says:

Wow you but

evelynlopez362 says:

I love all her videos

johnglover90 says:


Irmdawg97 says:


SouljaGirl5432 says:

Kiss your hand 5 times

Post this on two other videos

Look under your pillow

carolyn9997 says:

I know right? (Krkorq8)

Zoe Katherine says:

i really can’t be arsed doing that :L

BabiegirlZee76 says:

that looks sooo realisic and cool

BabiegirlZee76 says:

how the helll are you sapposed to wipe all that off

MileyCullen13 says:

how da fuck does she not break out! o.O i need to know the secret!! lol

AlexisGao2468 says:

no offense but i kinda think u talk too much