Halloween Sexy Vampire Makeup Tutorial

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Taystee001 says:

thtz bomb no homo

Cailey James says:

That is sexy and not very creepy:-) no homo though.

MaryDana says:

you have very beautiful eyebrows

phantomphanatic16 says:

do you have to use the purple and red? or can you use another color like a green?

ShounenKel says:

very sexy and beautiful 😀

iiTattooedd says:


Gauri82 says:

When are you visiting us in Melbourne, AUSTRALIA??????????

GalleryOfSuiside666 says:

hahahaha I did that make up and I look like vampire slut hahahaha

GalleryOfSuiside666 says:

man u are so so so so so so so so so so 1 000 000 000 % sexy ^^

teamalice115 says:

when i did it, it turned into cleo make up =P

katebridge says:

u just got yourself a new follower to your blog! loved it!

mieze912 says:

awesome! 🙂 I’ll wear it on the next saturday, on the party I’ll go to 😉

ephemeranoir says:

I will wear it everyday,very sexy and beautiful

cristinavargas32788 says:

You have the most beautiful face and bone structure for make up application. The perfect face :o)



diana90250 says:

I love love your work girl so cute

nuore21 says:

Makeup colors are very nice, but not Taatguenih as required where there is a difference in determining the eye from below, as well as drawing Aaleiner

I have a small note:
Make-up work when I hope to be a lighting red and not white
It becomes clear to us more beautiful make-up

I hope as well as the work of makeup for women with light brown skin

Also see that when
I’m from Saudi Arabia and follow you down
I hope you to continue and to reconcile

MsDimaris says:

love it

Psiche1992 says:

I want your shimmering lipstick *_* Which is the color?

puhleasegoawayhay says:

why did she apply the red cream eyeshadow and red eyeshadow to the lid at the beginning if she’s gonna top it with black gel liner and black shadow, please someone answer. i dont get it. she just waste too much product.

MrsMusicObsessed says:


Adrianaaa2605 says:

I know Egyptians look very diverse but you have some “common” traits I guess you could say….the almond shaped eyes, high cheekbones with a circular face and sharp angles around the cheeks, olivey complexion, naturally curly/wavey hair…so stunning!

llollipop1990 says:

its the holidays can you do a makeup tutorial for meeting your bf’s parents?

zzhello86 says:


FikiNom says:

Stunning as ever!! Tooo bad I cannot pale my skin…I am a dark chocolate :). Am just so fascinated by how u do this with so much ease! Fab!

missyyaneth says:

My favourite thing about this look is definitely the lips!

ArchCynic says:

geez blackheads between eyebrows warrants a comment to Eman to have them removed, Vain much?

youngladynextdoor says:

the first time i saw the snapshot of this video, I thought she’s portraying Snow White’s stepmom–The Wicked Queen. LOL

ZoilaSolis says:

I like how your lips came out

saby91313 says:

yea,she’s really pretty! ..im Egyptian too btw XD